Pulwama attack

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  1. swatkats

    swatkats Keeping TE Alive!

    My heartfelt condolences goes out to the families of all Jawans Martyred.
    I initially thought this to be a Uri type attack but this type of brutality is not really digestible.
    This is really a sad moment for every Indian who loves this land.

    Requesting members to put out all the possible options to help the grieving families apart what Government does for them formally.


    UPI VPA: bharatkeveer@sbi


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  2. blr_p

    blr_p Well-Known Member

    It is ten times more effective than Uri if you consider only one guy was needed. That guy was kashmiri, the explosives were as well. But the order came from Pakistan.

    Since operations against militants began we've neutralised close to 700. They had to do something. Militant morale is rock bottom. As a result we will intensify operations further.

    I notice the mood in the country is quite dark right now.

    Calls to downsize the pak embassy in Delhi, to breaking off diplomatic relations and going as far as declaring Pakistan a terror state and finally economic sanctions. What this entails is making MNC's that sell in both countries choose one. Sell in Pakistan cannot sell in India etc.

    That just diplomatic, then there are kinetic measures.

    In an election year we will have to see what will be done.

    I'm reminded of 26/11, we did nothing, Congress got re-elected as did NCP. Those were the good old days :)
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  3. William_Mboy

    William_Mboy Member

    Sadly India is not that influential but dropping most favoured nation status is a good start.
    Congress shills on this site will berate you.
  4. puns

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    Waiting to see the response by Indian Govt. & Armed Forces.
    Till then, donate whatever you can every year http://bharatkeveer.gov.in
  5. blr_p

    blr_p Well-Known Member

    Next quadruple import duty ? Now who will buy $500mn worth from Pakistan


    Further, work with the FATF to blacklist Pakistan. This is a global thing btw


    Still think we are not that influential. Our influence hinges upon our future potential -- $10 trillion economy by 2030 ? Who in the world does not want a piece of that :)

    I note that Imran has still not condemned this attack. He has to check with his boss in pindi before he does anything.

    Only the Americans in their support message mentioned Pakistan and that they stop terror from their soil.

    What stopped us going west in '71 ? US
    What stopped us going west in '99 ? US
    What stopped us going west after the parliament attacks ? US
    What stopped us going west after 26/11 ? US

    What stops us now ? open question


    That is a green light right there.
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  6. 6pack

    6pack Well-Known Member

    The trouble here is China. China is like a mad dog. If India attacks Pakistan, China will attack India from another side and our forces will be fighting two wars at the same time. Notice even after all this, China still wont allow JeM to be named as a terrorist organization. Because if it does that they lose access to Pakistan's ports they spent money to build. Even the rest of the West wont allow India to do anything since they don't have anything to gain here. They've already looted the place dry. So they have no more interest and can keep telling India to keep calm for ever. If Pakistan had oil or rare natural resources or something they would have attacked it years back.

    The only resource Pakistan has is terrorist training camps. The West wont allow to shut those down since their arms industries make money off those. Afghan, Syrian rebels take training there and go back and buy weapons from USA, Britain, Germany, France etc. They don't want India meddling in their thriving business model of making war and arming both sides with their weapons.

    If you noticed, both Russia and USA sell higher version weapons to one side of India - Pakistan to keep a stalemate. If India buys long range sniper rifles from Russia, USA gives longer range sniper rifles to Pakistan. China sells long range missiles to Pakistan since India has started making our own long range missiles. Why does Pakistan need 1000KM range missiles when entire India is less than 800KM range? Does not matter. This is just posturing. China wants to be one step above India always. They're using Pakistan like a pawn and call them a friend. Pakistan will befriend anyone that gives them money and military supplies. China, Saudi Arabia, etc.
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  7. Lord Nemesis

    Lord Nemesis Overlord

    Is there any other non-govt way to donate? I don't trust the govt managed fund trusts. Like with with CM/PF Relief funds ,the money often gets diverted or misused.
  8. solo_wing

    solo_wing Well-Known Member

    All 3 countries have nuclear weapons and enough to completely destroy each other. Nuclear weapons is major deterrent here against each other.

    We could open a front in Baluchistan. Arm those rebels to the teeth so that a new front for Pakistan completely opens up and now India should embrace openly fight of Baluchistan people.
  9. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh If you can see the green dot, I'm online ;-)

    I think last time ICICI had their own links.
  10. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh If you can see the green dot, I'm online ;-)

    First one who fires all wins it all.
    But India will fire only one that too of a very lower capability like a sutli bomb and then wait for oppositions firing or wait for next 50yrs to fire another one. And by that time india will be history!
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  11. Mr.J

    Mr.J Well-Known Member

    You've got it wrong.

    Pakistan is like a mad dog. China is it's handler.
  12. solo_wing

    solo_wing Well-Known Member

    That is not true that first one firing would win it all There are other options to deliver the bomb .
  13. Party Monger

    Party Monger Well-Known Member

    Pathetic govt brings pathetic results. Kashmir turned bad under congress, and now much much worse under BJP.

    Modi + Doval have had catastrophic effect on the valley. Both retards of the highest order, only want headlines. Now they will claim to have done another "surgical strike" with no proof or actual effect and some months later soldiers will die again cause of these incompetent nincompoops.

    50 soldiers dead, no one from the govt has resigned. No one has taken accountability. NEither the NSA, nor the PM. Cancerous bhakts wont hold them accountable either.

    How's the JOSH? Do you feel the Josh? Atleast we will now have material for another movie glorifying the Dicktator and his incompetent sidekick.
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  14. Party Monger

    Party Monger Well-Known Member

    Then why not play the same game pakistan is playing. Kill their people and soldiers too. Why cant we inflict the same damage? Oh wait, I know the answer, cause the dicktator has crippled the economy with his fantasy ideas like demonetisation and GST lmao.
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  15. Party Monger

    Party Monger Well-Known Member

    Wrong. As the stakes grow higher, china will distance itself from Pakistan. You think anyone would do business with china if it openly supports a terrorist state? Its only working cause right now the issue is very small, not big enough to break trade ties over it.

    We should impose a huge cost for such behaviour.
  16. solo_wing

    solo_wing Well-Known Member

    Congress did nothing when 26/11 happened also. Always playing it safe.

    Creating situation like Kashmir in Baluchistan would be the only way to give them the taste of their own medicine. Had Congress supported Baluchistan way back we would have kept Pakistan busy by now .

    The set up to organize such an mass Arm conflict event in Baluchistan would take years now. Training rebels there...providing them weapons will require lot of money.
  17. 6pack

    6pack Well-Known Member

    The entire west and their intelligence has known from years that Pakistan is responsible for harboring terrorists from past few decades. China is known from years to support Pakistan openly. Nothing stopped them from doing business with the world then or now regardless of the stakes getting higher or lower. China isn't going to distance itself from Pakistan because it wants Pakistan's ports. They didn't go to all the trouble of building the string of pearls - Pakistan, Maldives, Sri Lanka and just throw it away because some country in the west will think bad of them and no do trade with them. In business, emotion does not rule, business sense does. No company is going to stop trading with China for the time being because they are supporting a terrorist country. Companies will stop trading with China when the wages and cost of manufacturing there increase and they wont get as much profit as they are getting now.
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  18. Marcus Fenix

    Marcus Fenix Well-Known Member

    Pakistani army will never forget the debacle of '71 which was an utter humiliation.
    They then used the Saudi and US money to train Mujahideen in the 80's for use in Afghanistan against the Soviets and then when things died down there these attack dogs were pointed in out direction.
    But they are a nuclear state and with China protecting the CPEC which is utterly necessary for them keeping in mind all Chinese oil has to pass by the Andamans now I don't see any hope for war.This might be an unpopular opinion in this environment of frustration but nuclear war is a zero sum game.
    I cannot urge Indian soldiers to go die in a war from the safety of sitting in front of a keyboard(Although thats kaput in case of MAD-Mutually Assured Destruction).

    We ought to have steamrolled past Lahore in '71 but US and Russia (mainly Russians) told us to back off. Russia had stuck it neck far out so far as to openly challenge the US 7th fleet with submarines but even their support had limitations in front of madman Nixon.

    The problem with India is that we are not a country historically but rather a collection of states.
    India as a concept was built by Ashok, Akbar and then the British.
    Now if some state feels that they're better off without India it opens up a Pandora's box. If we let Kashmir go (TBH its not worth the trouble keeping in mind it has nothing of value to offer) then what is to stop Punjab(Khalistan)/Tamil Nadu/Maharashtra from deciding that they're better off on their own.
    No one has ever managed to win an insurgency be it US in Vietnam,Soviets in Afghanistan and US again in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now US is opening peace talks with the Taliban....We Don't Negotiate With Terrorists :p

    So nothing short of a ethnic cleansing is a strategic solution for Kashmir. The only solution to stop this cycle of violence from our end and then theirs in my opinion is a ethnic dilution program i.e.
    1) Relocate the Kashmiris in every other state of India and give them remittance so that they an start off anew. Keeping in mind the military expenditure we have to currently allocate for Kashmiri pacification that should not be a massive hit to the government exchequer .
    2) Kasmiris should not be bunched at all but spread out as much as possible so that they assimilate with the local populace.
    3) Once they have access to the Indian style opportunities outside Kashmir sans the military presence they will have much more to lose and then hopefully they'll come to their senses that its much more beneficial to be in India rather than a wedge between India and Pakistan.
  19. blr_p

    blr_p Well-Known Member

    Really ? how about the neighbour, do they have any blame. Look at the outfits there. JeM, LeT, HM. Are these kashmiri outfits ? no.All foreign. The guy who carried this attack out was mouthing off JeM propaganda. I didn't see much Kashmiri alienation in what he had to say.

    If people there hate this country so much maybe they should leave. We have appeased them enough. If they want to point guns at us they will understand the same applies to them too.

    I was listening to a talk comparing Himachal with Kashmir. Both hill states. The difference was really striking. How far behind Kashmir was and whose fault it was.

    If you are pro India you are dead, if you are ant-India then you are safe. This colours the news that comes out of that place. All english Kashmiri papers are pro-separatist for a reason. This is why i follow theLSTV & RSTV channels, very different take.

    There is no sympathy for Kashmir in the country. The interior ministry had to put out a helpline because kashmiris elsewhere in the country were getting targeted by angry mobs.

    Aim of the raid was for army morale. To show the militants the paks couldn't protect them. The intention was never that one strike would end all attacks. Earlier strikes were smaller, this one was bigger and the primary difference is we publically owned up to crossing the line should it become necessary. The PM put his stamp on it. What stopped previous administrations from doing so.

    We never own up when we do anything. The neighbours accuse us of everything that goes wrong in their country. RAW did it.

    Of course we were responsible for Rajapaksha's loss in 2015
    We were responsible for the result in the maldives
    We are respnsible for Hasina's win in Bangaldesh

    Nearly 700 militants dead over the past few years. Why hasn't hafeez said and his handlers resigned. We're up no matter how you do the numbers.

    We don't have bomb makers. The people doing the fighting are in their teens. This is important. In the 90's militants were 25-30. Back then the numbers were ten times higher than now. But these days that age group does not get into militancy. Why. They learnt their lesson just like the present teen generation will learn theirs.

    let's be very clear what the real cancer is, this ideology of jihad. It isn't just directed at hindus. it targets moderate muslims as well.
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  20. jith77

    jith77 Well-Known Member

    They didn't do anything till 26/11 inspite of terrorism being at a peak.

    After the event, they strengented uapa and also brought in NIA. They also had huge success in curbing terrorism.

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