Pulwama attack

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    Can't talk about it

    As for interest in Balakote, see the interest here. Are they bothered now ? no because opposition isn't saying anything. So a month after interest is gone.
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    I could type a ten page post schooling you on a ton of things but I would just be wasting my time, someone who's going to vote for Modi inspite of everything that has happened in the last 5 years isn't going to understand what I have to say.
    I myself said in my last post that China has a ton of problems but they have something to show for it, you wrote a wall of text pointing out problems with others while completely ignoring our own, you're probably one of those people who believe that India will be a superpower by 2020.

    I'll let you know one thing I realized at least 15 years back, voting makes no difference whatsoever, all politicians are scammers and will lie no matter what level or position they're at or which political party they belong to. They are just experts at telling people what they want to hear in order to come to power, you've already consumed the BJP Kool-Aid, there isn't going to be any positive change whatsoever and things are only going to go downhill from here on out, doesn't matter if it's Congress or BJP or AAP or any other incompetent party, India will remain a third world country plagued by graft for the foreseeable future.
    Keep believing in Make in India, Achche Din, that 5 Trillion number, etc, one day the truth will prevail and NaMo will be revealed to be the same breed of politician that he claimed to fight, don't complain later that you weren't warned.
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    One of the strangest comparison I have ever seen is between China and India. Most of it is about how China is growing with R&D, infra but always miss the forest for the trees.

    For example this moment in Wired documentary on Shenzhen (which btw praises China to the boot too):

    Shows the "dirty" place in Shenzhen, the urban village - a clearly demarcated area. In some sense this is like rich vs poor demarcation.

    Additionally, the government can displace 150k people in just days. In India, we have a democracy which essentially means everyone has equal rights. There are people who try to shoot this down with a healthy dose of whataboutism, drawing upon real examples of inequality in India. To them, I always say all these examples are exceptions, not a norm. If we were out and out autocracy Singur issue or heck even the famous Narmada Bachao Andolan might not happen. Those people would have been shut up with an iron fist in the name of development. But that is not who were are.

    In comparison, I'd like to see even one example of such successful protest in China.

    Second, the majority rule and single identity. Many people are unaware how Uighur Muslims are treated in China:

    Again people try to poke a hole about the treatment of Muslims and beef lynchings in India. To that I say, again exceptions not a norm. China has the largest muslim population and India 2nd largest. If we break down to number of atrocities to per 100 Muslims, China's record is pathetic.

    There are others who talk about how religion division has held us back, so we should also take the same path. To them I say, please go and vote BJP - and not because I am bhakt but because they are the only ones who advocate Uniform Civil Code. So, at least put your vote where your mouth is.

    Third, there is no freedom of speech. This where things get stranger. People say stuff like Uighur etc is banned but rest is okay. But they conveniently forget one big topic - b**ching about the government. That is also banned. You can't go online and say stuff against Xi Jinping or PRC. Try that and see what happens.

    Fourth, people like to talk about Indian corruption, they conveniently unaware about Xi Jinping's billionaire status.

    To be honest, China's rise has come at an enormous cost. And while I see lot of Indians advocating for such autocratic leadership, they forget one thing - if there was an autocratic government they would have been in jail for simply talking about something like this.

    The only thing I say to people is - Cherish your freedom. Yes, we are behind China and might never catch up. But, we will get there slowly.
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    These terrorist groups turn on their benefactors like they did with the US and UK who supported the Taliban. Sooner or later these terrorist groups (there is enough variety) will turn against China and more important will target the CPEC i.e. Chinese investments and Neo-colonialism. China may change its tune then
    The correct term is internment camp - that's what it is whatever the Chinese media call it
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    never mind schooling you have not responded to any of my replies. Do that. Education is a long term thing :)

    As for the last five years i'd say they were mostly up with a few quirks. I'm ready for another five and hoping they will be better. This govt had a positive message. The last one had none.

    I preferred to point out their problems, so people can see which is better. What we have and what they have. They have made a ton of mistakes that we should be learning from so we don't make them ourselves.

    I don't really understand what this term superpower means and whether India even aspires to it. If you mean hard power, India kept the peace from the Suez to Singapore for nearly 150 years. We didn't get an ocean named after us for being nice. We weren't just a colony but an empire within an empire. Both Opium wars were fought with Indian muscle including putting down the Boxer rebellion. So before independence we had already fought China three times. And then we fought in both world wars. I see India as returning to that former role with time. Guardians of that space called the Indian Ocean. Nothing goes on there that is against our interests. Is this what a super power does ?

    i believe India is superior to China right now for the reasons detailed in my last post and that India will surpass China in the future. You are looking at it in terms of capabilities i see it from an orientation perspective. Indian capabilities aren't there to the same extent and i see no problem in developing them further.

    They grow old post 2030. We have a a few decades more than them. The world has no problem with us as they see us as benign. Not so with China. Koirala used a dog metaphor to compare India & China.

    China is that dog that bites but does not bark. I cannot relate to that as Doklam saw China mostly barking with zero bite. Worse they came across as incompetent and i followed every day of that 72 day face off.

    Whereas India never bites but barks a lot. This there is ample evidence since 1947. India is this playful Labrador that messes up the place, tears your clothes etc.

    Quite frankly i'd rather belong to a country that did not tell me where to sit, stand and how to sh*t (!)

    Why do you say things will go downhill from this point on. We've had several elections and the country is still moving ahead despite who is in office. If one talks from 1947 onwards. Elections to me serve a very simple purpose, they are a safety valve. Pressure builds up, things change. I prefer to be in sync with the party in office. If that changes then i have to as well. Like it or not. All i get is a vote but this does not mean who i want will win.

    Another way of saying what you did is it won't matter which party is in office it won't make a single difference to your life. Well, if parties only pander after the poor and use the middle classes as a cash cow this will remain the case. But the middle class is increasing compared to earlier so the politics will have to inevitably change. We had a period where regionals were growing and national parties were getting reduced, i think the opposite is happening now. If parties do not offer a difference they will be beaten by those that can.

    I don't see any problems with getting to $5 trillion by 2030 if we maintain our current growth path. It's simply the result of compounding. A foregone conclusion. China in the 60s was two thirds the size of our economy. It took them three decades to match it. In 1990 we were at parity. At this point they had enough to jump further. This isn't some superpower that was always ahead of us in ever thing imaginable. We have a lot in common but its unfortunate politics prevents cooperation. Currently they are configured against us and the best we can do is defend from it. I never see the CCP as China. China post '49 is just the CCP and nothing more. It isn't the real China. Or at least i'd like to think that way. The people there have the same survival issues we do, roof over the head and food on the plate.

    If you ask me i find Korea more impressive. In 1960, there was s delegation that visited Lahore to learn about town planning because in 1960, Korea was poorer than even Pakistan. They had a military dictatorship until 1990. This dictatorship insisted on 100% literacy. They only received $10bn of assistance but thanks to US umbrella were able to concentrate on development and look at them now. Can China do that? Become democratic later. I don't think so. They would see it in existential terms. CCP losing power means the break up of China, return to warlordism and instability.
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    Baloch Liberation army has taken a dislike to them. There's been a couple of attacks on buses carrying Chinese workers

    If you ask me i'd call it a concentration camp. Confusing bit is this place they force you to drink alcohol and eat pork. Usually that is not such a bad thing.
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    Interest gone? So why this is still happening in the election campaign? Because it's made for it?
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    He took the risk he gets to brag about it. Hope people are listening.
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    And then this happens..

    EC puts movie on PM Modi, other biopics on hold for poll season
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    So you'll count the 40 soldiers at Pulwama as an appetizer?
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    I don't know is it ? when i look at that graph i conclude Modi hasn't done bad when it comes to economy.

    And that means people will give him a second chance.
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    meaning ?
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