Budget 0-20k RAM + CPU Cooler upgradation suggestions


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I have two RIGS.

RIG no. one: [Primary]
  • CPU - Intel i7 2600
  • CPU Cooler - Cooler Master - V6 GT RR-V6GT
  • Motherboard - Asus P8Z68-V
  • GPU - Asus GTX690
  • RAM - Corsair Vengeance 8gb +4gb *2 +2gb = 18GB
RAM Slot 1 ==2gb== Corsair XMS3 (low height) slides easily between the gap of cpu cooler & ram.
RAM Slot 2 ==4gb== Corsair Vengeance
RAM Slot 3 ==8gb== Corsair Vengeance
RAM Slot 4 ==4gb== Corsair Vengeance

  • Monitor - Dell ST2220M
  • PSU - Antec Edge 750
  • Logitech G15/G7
  • Storage: Seagate 1TB ⋮ Seagate 500GB x 3 ⋮ WD Blue 1TB

RIG no. two:

  • CPU - AMD Athlon II X4 620
  • Motherboard - Biostar TA790GXA3+
  • GPU: XFX 9800GTX
  • RAM - Corsair XMS3 2gb*4 = 8GB
RAM Slot 1 ==2gb== Corsair XMS3
RAM Slot 2 ==2gb==Corsair XMS3
RAM Slot 3 ==2gb==Corsair XMS3
RAM Slot 4 ==2gb==Corsair XMS3
  • Monitor - Viewsonic 19
  • PSU - Gigabyte superb 450W
  • Storage: ST 500GB
This is my current in-house VMWare virtualization lab setup at home.

The primary rig is used for almost everything and is the primary command center for VM activities. The secondary rig is only powered on for VMWare sessions and it is hardened and dont want to touch it.

My environment is working butter smooth but the memory utilization of my primary rig shoots up to 90-92% utilization once all virtualization is up and running.
A Bottleneck by 10%. And I dont want to risk/cant afford anything above 90% (cpu/ram/hdd) as its very dangerous.
I need an additional 4gb or best 8gb though 4gb will be more than sufficient.

I'm planning to install either a 8gb single stick or a 4gb on my primary rig.
But the main barrier coming into my way is the 1st ram slot. The cpu cooler is almost sitting on the ram slot leaving a very thin line to insert/slide-in a ram chip to be installed.
Thus I have successfully was only able to insert Corsair XMS3 ram chip between the gap but it is just 2gbs.
Chip which are 4gb/8gb are bigger in height/size so it is impossible to fit in that tiny area + brand and compatibility issues.

I had some Gskill offers earlier but research says gskill doesnt go well with corsairs.

So what I require is either a stock Intel HSF cooler which will completely free the ram slot for installing any size ram.
Or a better after market HSF cooler which wont block the space but still offer optimum cooling solution (as summers are nearing)
And lastly- ram.

I intend to upgrade my rig to the latest DDR4/ryzen etc. by end of this yr or next year.

So want to ask, is it really worth investing into a DDR3 solution right now along with a HSF Cooler? I know its the cheapest option available but what about after sales value next year. I dont want to throw both rigs at some throwaway bhangar rates.

Want to know how much valuable will DDR3 be still for next 2 years or so. Dont want to fell prey to any sort of exploitation.


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Mar 24, 2007
Dude, DDR5 is coming in the near future like this year itself.
I think DDR4 is gonna get cheap, so investing in DDR3 is not gonna be a wise decision as of now.