Budget 0-20k Ryzen 1200/MSI B450M


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Feb 4, 2013
Need a basic pc that can be upgraded.

New parts:

Ryzen 1200. Rs.5k
MSI B450m Gaming. Rs.7k
Corsair Vengeance
DDR4 8gb. 3000mhz Rs.3k

Total. Rs. 15k

Old parts I currently have:

Corsair GS700
GTX 970 4gb
Cooler master HAF XM mid tower
SSD Samsung 240evo 120gb
WD 1tb Black

I thought the motherboard is good as I can simply replace the processor and improve the ram.

I basically want to play some single player like hitman, Skyrim and titles from 3 years ago. Some Dota.

(Will I be able to stream Dota 2 on this?)

My main question is should I be looking at some other parts that will allow me to play while allowing me to upgrade it in the near future.