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  1. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh If you can see the green dot, I'm online ;-)

    I moved in a rented apartment 3 months ago.

    The bedroom has this Split AC:
    Samsung AR12HC5ESLZN

    This is the info. which reads at side of the AC.

    The AC is 4yrs old.
    Bedroom is small sized (I aint good at measurements but my 1bhk flat is around 550sq ft).

    AC was serviced 4 months ago and gas topped up. During demo it ran perfectly cool as to how a normal AC functions.
    Never felt the need thereafter due to obvious chilly winters this time. So AC was just idle for these 3 months.

    Now that summers are approaching I thought about trying the AC as we would require it for next few months.

    Not new to ACs as using them since decades but never experienced such behaviors. Have used Hitachi, Bluestar and Daikins.

    This is my first encounter with a Samsung AC.

    Following are the issues I'm facing:

    1. At midnight when I switched it on Fan keeps running/blowing for 10 minutes before the actual cooling starts. (the startup temperature reads 24c, I have to make it 16c which is the least)
    2. Even when I set the temps to 16c and turn the Ac off, the next time turn it on back it defaults back to 24c. The temp should get locked to what we set via remote.
    3. I kept my room air locked for 15-20 minutes @16c. When I enter I can only feel a Normal so-so cooling and not the chilly ones which @16c one should expect.
    4. Also, not able to find this model anywhere on the net so as to download the service manual.
    5. I also need to know these very button functionalities as to what behavior they do. Dotted circle, D'light cool, 2nd F etc. etc.

    If somebody has similar model or near to matching model & remote as well, then let me know about the functionalities and help address above issues.

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  2. prabs

    prabs Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a case of gas leak.

    Approach the landlord immediately. Since it is 4 years old there should be no issues because the compressor generally comes with 5 years warranty. The rest is 1 year so the call rests with the landlord.

    He can get it looked at unless he knew all along and did a refill before he rented it out to you. If that is the case then he might try to pass on the ball in your court. A Split AC repair (gas leak) with refill can cost you upwards of 5K.

    Good Luck
  3. Sands

    Sands Member

    What the gas leak has to do with compressor being in warranty ?

    Gas refill cost 5k where/which city/which company is charging 5k for gas refill ?

    A split AC takes max 1.5kg gas taking Gas around 600 a kg will be max to max 1k take 1k for labour which comes to 2k.
  4. prabs

    prabs Well-Known Member

    Try getting it done and you will come to know what I mean. It sounds all good in theory but try getting it done in the real world and you will come to know what I mean, it's a rip off
  5. Sands

    Sands Member

    I own a Air conditioner/Refrigerator store dude, Come to me ill get it done for u for free. We repair like minimum of 2/300 gas leak caes every season, For top up we charge 1200 and total gas leak it's 2.2k.

    Also do let us know from where u got your AC repaired and paid 5k for gas refill really want to know. That's basically a day light robbery.
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  6. prabs

    prabs Well-Known Member

    Do you provide service in Mumbai? If yes then PM me your number. I need a split and a window AC fixed :)
  7. OP

    nRiTeCh If you can see the green dot, I'm online ;-)

    No gas leaks whatsoever. It was confirmed in December when the technician came for a routine check-up as when gas is refuelled the leakage is first checked for and taken care and only then the main mission proceeds.
    And the exorbitant unrealistic charges you mentioned are insane. You are being looted in day light dude. I'm also from mumbai with 3 ACs at home and nowhere we were ever charged so much per AC. In fact in 5k I might easily get an awesome deal to refill all 3Acs + may be 1.5k extra to even refill gas for my fridge.
    All my Acs are off warranty but covered under amcs with regular check-ups etc though gas refills are charged extra.
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  8. Sands

    Sands Member

    No i dont, But why not just google some good repair shop in near you area or the Authorized service centre afaik even the big names like lg/Samsung/daiken don't charge 5k for gas refilling.
  9. prabs

    prabs Well-Known Member

    Location - ?
  10. Crazy_Eddy

    Crazy_Eddy Well-Known Member
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    Have you checked the air filter? Is there enough air coming out?
  11. 6pack

    6pack Well-Known Member

    this line itself says its a gas leak. That is a star rated ac. even normal non star rated ac's deliver cool air within a minute or two of starting up. something must have happened between the last check up and now like corrosion etc to make a leak somewhere.

    i had the same problem with my LG fridge and had asked here about it. fridge stopped cooling suddenly. reason was due to a microscopic gas leak in the coil. Only if you put the coil in water under a strong flashlight you can see bubbles coming off it. Another way to know if there is a gas leak is if you see any black stuff in the water collection area like oil in it. That oil is the oil used in the compressor and will come out of a leaking copper coil.

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