Android Samsung Galaxy A5 Dual Sim 2017 Region Change/CSC


Das Layzeemeister
Dec 17, 2007
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Can any of the android guru's here help with this? I picked up a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 on a whim earlier this year in the UAE and it appears the phone has complete customisation for the UAE local market including features like Samsung pay which do not seem to reset to India inspite of me changing the location of the phone in general settings etc.

I understand vaguely Samsung phones have various software loaded like firmware/csc files etc as part of their formatting.

What I need help with is to have the phone now pick up settings and features similar to the India ones. Can this be done?

When i tried looking up the current baseband however it appears to be showing European countries and not UAE.

From what i can read on the net this is possible by changing the CSC? Can anyone please guide on the process of how to do it?

Details :
Model : SM-A520F/DS
Memory : 32GB
Android Version : 6.0.1
Baseband : A520FXXU2AQF5
Build Number : MMB29K.A520FXXU2AQG6
Bootloader : A520FXXU2AQG6

Frankly I'm also a bit pissed off Samsung has yet not updated the A series to nougat..and it's soon going to be almost 1 year since Nougat was released!