Search results on Search Engines ? What should search engines display first ?

Search online for consumer products on Search Engines should display first results:: ?

  • Originating product site which makes the product.

  • Selling Sites like flipkart/amazon/etc. filled with all search results.

  • Proper reviewing sites like and rest ?

  • Or like digital agencies, get paid and play game ?

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Feb 11, 2013
Bought some product and surprised, even the hardware manual is not complete via (AMAZON/FLIPKART) only...

Search results for Consumer Products Company/Dealers/Search Engines/ Which must appear first ?
(A simple poll thought of posting, if stupid, Will request to delete).

Will suggest your opinions if you have time, to mark a reply with your opinion.. (made public disabled)

You can make 2 votes, votes changed not allowed, votes not displayed to rest..
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Jun 10, 2019
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My opinion:-
Search engines must show Online shopping sites first like flipkart,amazon,snapdeal etc.because they have the product currently with them.They have also sold the products so they know about customer reactions...
We are customers,how can we know about such a product which never we had used before.
Just one small example:-
Our forum deals with technology discussions,right?
But what about cosmetics??They are not discussed here.So,if,the top selling sites are showed first,then we can atleast get an idea about that.Just think it carefully and closely.
Thank You :) :blush: