CPU/Mobo Should I upgrade RAM and cooler?


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Feb 4, 2009
Bavdhan, Pune
Hi All,
For the past 3 years I was using the below config:
i7 920 D0
Corsair H70
2x2GB GSkill 1600MHz
2x2 Kingston Hyper-X 1333MHz
HD 6970 2GB
Now I have upgraded by CPU, mobo & GPU to these:
i7 4770k
MSI Z87 MPower
Sapphire Tri-X R9 290
The CPU is doing 4.5GHz stable and max temps that I get is around 60C
Was wondering if its worth upgrading the RAMs to 2133/2400MHz sticks.
Also is it worth upgrading the cooler to H100?
Would getting a SSD help? (Samsung 840 512GB).
OS is win 8.1 with 2014 update
Waiting for your valuable suggestion.
Thanks in advance.


upgrading for what?? are there any specifics where you're experiencing bottlenecks in performance and judging that RAM might be the cause?? if not, I'd say why unnecessarily waste money and upgrade RAMs just for brochure specsheet sake.. 60C with overclocking is actually really cool. Theres absolutely no need to upgrade to water cooler. and even if you do decide to upgrade your cooler, first look up online reviews and benchmarks. a good expensive air cooler is going to work more efficiently than an entry level water cooler. i dont think with the graphics solution you've already got (drool drool) and the processor, having an SSD is going to be any helpful if you're talking in terms of gaming. raw data transfer rates, yes.


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Aug 15, 2009
The cooler Op has is a WC [ H70 ] and Corsair H100 is not a cheap stuff / entry level water cooler though he may have a look at NZXY X60 or Corsair H110.


Jan 3, 2012
Are those temps you mentioned under load, or at idle? If at idle, please see what your temps are under load and report back on here. Assuming these temps are at idle, then yes, an h110 will definitely help. Alternatively, if you have the budget, look into the Swiftech H220 or 330 liquid coolers if liquid cooling is what you are after (make sure your case can support it!). For a good air flow cooler, i would strongly recommend the Noctua NH-D14. If 60c is your cpu temp at load, then no need to upgrade your cooler for now.

Secondly, ram over 8gb is currently useless for gaming. If you do video editing work however, then definitely get the 16gb of ram. 2133 or 2400 would also do nicely here in this scenario, otherwise the standard 8-8-8-24 @ 1600 4x2gb kits should be great for gaming purposes.

Third ; Definitely get an SSD if you dont have one yet. I cannot stress how important SSD's are, you will feel like you were living under a rock all this time, no jokes. I'd say of all the components in a pc, upgrading from a mechanical drive to an SSD will give the best increase in speed. While gaming this may not be very apparent unless you have a lot of maps being loaded or something, but for general computer usage this upgrade is a must.
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