Situation / Surrounding Aware Bluetooth Headphones for TV Watching


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Aug 30, 2007
So we recently got a bedroom TV in which we are using Fire TV Stick. The TV is Mi Pro 4A Pro 32" but we are not using the android tv part of the TV. My wife and kid are primary use of the TV and I need to get my wife some sort of audio accessory like headphone which allows her to watch TV but not disturb the kids and also be aware of the surroundings / sounds coming from outside etc. Due to sporadic use, I don't want to put a lot of money.

Over the ear headphone and In ear earphones (even normal earphones) might not work I feel. I know there is bone conduction earphones like Aftershokz but I have never used one and no clue how they are and they are pricey too.

For now, I have ordered this cheap thing from ebay (its < $2.5) to see how it works out. It is like a small speaker near the ear and is only for one ear.

It says bone conduction but it is not I feel.

Any other that anyone can recommend which can be bought from Indian website?