FS: Mobile Smartphones Bumper Sale-iPhone 5 ,Note 3 & S4

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Apr 9, 2012
New Delhi, India
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For Sale !

  • Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:

    1-Iphone 5 16 Gb White
    2-Samsung Galaxy Note 3
    3-Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Expected Price:
    1-Iphone 5 16 Gb White Factory unlock-27000
    2-Samsung Galaxy Note 3-42500
    3-Samsung Galaxy S4-26500

  • Source and Time of Purchase:
    1-Iphone 5 16 Gb White-11 months Back from australia
    2-Samsung Galaxy Note 3-1 months old
    3-Samsung Galaxy S4-4 months

  • Reason for Sale:
    1-Iphone 5 16 Gb White-Upgrading
    2-Samsung Galaxy Note 3-Selling for friend
    3-Samsung Galaxy S4-Selling for Sister

  • RMA/Servicing history:
    1-Iphone 5 16 Gb White-Never
    2-Samsung Galaxy Note 3-Never
    3-Samsung Galaxy S4-Never

  • Product Condition:
    1-Iphone 5 16 Gb White-8.5/10(Just one scuff shown in pic
    2-Samsung Galaxy Note 3-9.5/10(Brand new condition)
    3-Samsung Galaxy S4-9/10(Pristine condition)

  • Purchase Invoice Available:
    1-Iphone 5 16 Gb White-No but online u can check via serial no
    2-Samsung Galaxy Note 3-Yes
    3-Samsung Galaxy S4-Yes

  • Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period:
    1-Iphone 5 16 Gb White-No
    2-Samsung Galaxy Note 3-Yes
    3-Samsung Galaxy S4-Yes

  • Accessories Included:
    1-Iphone 5 16 Gb White-Earpods ,Charger.Datacable
    2-Samsung Galaxy Note 3-Box .Charges. Datacable. Earphone.Orignal Flipcover worth 3300,slim armour spiegen cover worth 1800,New hybrid speagon cover worth 2000,Bumper cover worth 500,Also a local flipcover
    3-Samsung Galaxy S4-Box,charger,Eaphones,Datacable,Cover

  • Product Location: New Delhi

  • Preferred Courier: Buyers Choice

  • Shipping Charges: Actuals

  • Payment Options: Bank Transfer or local pickup


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Jan 16, 2014
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Tried replying back through conversations but getting error. Interested in the iphone 5. Am based out of gurgaon. Ping me ur number if possible
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