Sony Playstation(R) Portable 2001 Series (Slim & Lite) with Goodies

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Dec 22, 2007
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Sony Playstation(R) Portable 2001 Series (Slim & Lite) with Goodies

Expected price : Rs. 5000, Negotiable but only through PM

Condition : Mint

Item Location : Nagpur ; Local Delivery Possible

Reason For Sale : Played it Enough

Purchase Date : Feb 2008

Shipping Method : DTDC

~ Additional Information ~

Bundled Goodies :

8 Gb original Memory stick ProDuo , Dock, Soft Pouch, Wrist Strap, Stamina Battery Pack (purchased 1months ago), Component Cable, Go!Cam (Non Working)

Notes :

The PSP has been used very much since purchase, We purchased its Zagg screen guard also in its second year but some initial scratches are still there. The UMD drive is never damaged & still is in perfect working order.

Firmware Notes:

I had modded it a long time ago using Pandora battery, It is not running on TA88v3 motherboard so modding isnt problem. Currently it is running 5.50 Promethous firmware which is permanant (i.e. no need to re-apply after reboot) all ISO/CSO works except for those needing newer firmware. I had even ran windows 95 with DOSbox and very old homebrew apps which require 1.50 using eLoader HEN

Surprise :

With the package you will also recieve a surprise item which is not much expencive but you will surely like it. (Hint: Software; non copyrighted materials)

More Pics -

some pics might be appearing too dark, i forgot to change LCD brightness of my camera and dont want to go through hassles of taking pics again, but its not much problem right? if buyer wants i can retake new pics and upload
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