Streaming Music Sharing Groups on TE ?


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Aug 30, 2007
I started the Netflix sharing thread which has gained lot of traction and we have been making groups here.
Now can we try to create a Streaming Music sharing group ?
I am not sure which app is best currently. My views on the apps I have used till now are..

Saavn - Excellent selection and sound quality even for free users. This was until it was offering Free tier. Now not using since it went fully paid.

Ganna - Using it currently in free mode but their "High" quality for free users still leave a lot to be desired.

Apple Music (not sure if we can share across apple ids) - I have free trial going on currently. Music quality if excellent. I really love it.

Amazon Music - I am US Prime user but that probably has limited music experience. Have to try yet.

Hungama - Didn't use much

Spotify - Great sound quality. Not available in India so not a contender here.

So can we try to make a shared account for the service we think is best and costs most reasonable. Ability to have profile for different people would be great addition if any service gives that as that can help us keep their taste of music separate (and I don't want to get embarrassed when people find I listened to Tum to Thaire Pardesi :p )


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Mar 24, 2005
New Delhi
Was on Apple music before switching to Amazon Prime. Similar catalogue for English.
No need to go back to apple .

Dont think any music app allows sharing of accounts like netflix. unless someone here has done it and works


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Feb 3, 2008
been using apple music family for years, simply the best content!


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Dec 18, 2009
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I dont think it makes that much sense unless you want FLAC level quality.

Jio (Jio Saavn) works out to 1699+99 a year - and I think you can use a Jio ID to login. The content too is good.

Prime works out to 999 which is good, but some of my favs have been removed - like Video Killed the Radio Star, by the Buggles.

Gaana has a 99 promo offer for a year, some IIITD code. Need to check on Desidime for the TNC.

I think its going to remain a niche, with YT filling in the songs needed.

Me - since I listen to some indie artists, I prefer to upload to GPM and listen at my convenience.