Audio Suggestions required for 2.1 system(upgrade from Creative T6060 5.1)


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Nov 24, 2007

I've decided to finally upgrade my below par audio setup, consisting of creative inspire T6060 brought almost half a decade ago.
As i have realized that it is pointless to buy another cheap 5.1 system, I'm currently only looking for decent 2.1 setups that would be audibly superior to my current setup. Being an audio noob, I do wish for a substantial improvement in SQ over the T6060 to feel the "upgrade".
However, I have a very limited budget of INR 4k + sale proceeds of T6060(~2k) totaling to ~ INR 6k.
Usage : Games/Movies
Source: PC, STB
I have recently bought a Xonar DG as well.
So, first of all i need to know if a 2.1 @ 6k will be substantially/noticably better than the T6060 in SQ? As I'm planning for a full blown HT system, i will not spend a penny more on PC Speakers.
Second is the choice, C2? D8? Corsair? will these sound much better than my current set of speakers? What are the other viable options? Open to F&D too if their SQ is really at par with the big boys!

Thanks in advance.