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  1. imkaush

    imkaush Well-Known Member

    Yesterday started reading Sita: Warrior of Mithila (#2 of Ram Chandra Series) by Amish
  2. erikaflower

    erikaflower New Member

    Started "All That Man Is" by David Szalay
  3. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan If you cant see the green dot, I'm offline :P

    You can give it me when you finish reading it!
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  4. Julian

    Julian om nom nom

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Shiva series, how is this new one? Same style?
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  5. imkaush

    imkaush Well-Known Member

    Almost the same style. Completely different approach to the epic. And 1st chapter of book 2 has a major revelation that is different from the original epic.
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  6. Julian

    Julian om nom nom

    Hehe, i love how he mixes up the original mythology with science and a nice dollop of fiction thrown in.
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  7. killmastern3

    killmastern3 Well-Known Member

    Long time since i have updated this thread. So here goes:
    1. Brock E Deskins - The sorcerer's path (8 books) - 8/10. Liked all the books. Great characters.
    2. Andrew Beery - Catherine Kimbridge Chronicles (7 Books) - 7/10. Good Timepass,
    3. Doug Dandridge - Empires at war (11 books) - 9/10. Loved the universe the book is set in.
    4. Kal Spriggs - The Shadow Space Chronicles (4 Books) - 7/10. Good Sci-fi.
    5. K.B.Wagers - The Indrana War (2 Books) - 9/10. Fascinating.
    6. Joel Shepherd - Cassandra Cresnov Series (2 Books) - 7/10. Good.
    7. Joel Shepherd - The spiral Wars Series (3 Books) - 8/10.
    8. Ian Douglas - The Star Carrier Series (3 Books) - 8/10.
    9. Ian W Sainsbury - The World Walker Series (3 Books) - 8/10.
    10. Christopher G Nutall - The Angel in Whirlwind (3 Books) - 7/10. Decent Sci-fi.
    11. Mitchell Hogan - Sorcert Ascendent Series (3 Books) - 8/10. Liked it.
    12. Kel Kade - Kings Dark Tidings (2 Books) 8/10. Enjoyed it.
    13. Jim Butcher - The Dresden Files (3 Books) - 7/10. Decent.
    14. M.D.Cooper - The Intrepid Saga (6 Boks) - 8/10. Loved It.
    15. Raymond L Weil - The Originator Series (6 Books) - 9/10. Excellent.
    16. Duncan Hamilton - The wolf of the north (2 Books) - 9/10. Amazing.
    17. J D Franx - The Darkness Within (2 Books) - 9/10. One of the best series i have read.Amazing characters and incredible universe.

    This and many more. Will update another time. Made proper use of Kindle Unlimited.
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  8. mathrisk

    mathrisk .: deleted :.

    Wow, thats a huge list. :eek:
  9. soggy316

    soggy316 Well-Known Member

    Finished "S.P.Q.R" by Mary Beard, its an awesome look into the First millennium of Roman civilization.

    Now started with "The wizard and the glass" - Book four of The Dark tower series
  10. killmastern3

    killmastern3 Well-Known Member

    Finished the fourth book in Raymond L Weil's The Star Cross series. Enjoyed all the books in the series.
  11. mathrisk

    mathrisk .: deleted :.

    Recently read:
    • Sita - by Amish. I like the depiction of 'gods' as mortals, done quite nicely for some.
    • Harry Potter Book 1 : quite late for the party. watched the first movie when it came, didn't liked much. so skipped the book till now. got the paperback recently in some deal. Found the book quite okayish, may be I am too old for it now.
    • Sapiens - reading for last few months. I am not really finding it interesting after the 'agri revolution' chapter.
  12. hotshot05

    hotshot05 Well-Known Member

    Not sure about the age part but the books are much much better than the movies. Lots to learn about friendship and values (even in adverse situations) from the later books(book 4 onwards)
  13. Black_Hawk

    Black_Hawk Well-Known Member

    Completed The Holocaust by Laurence Rees. A tome of a book. Followed it up with hours and hours of Holocaust Revision History reading.

    Currently reading The Count of Monte Cristo (translation by Robin Buss, Unabridged).
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  14. Mr.J

    Mr.J Well-Known Member

    Finished Good Omens

    It's a great book.
  15. adventureguy

    adventureguy Well-Known Member

    can you please write few things about the book? like small summary or genre? It'll make it easier to judge if its right fit for me or anyone else
  16. sbhas2k

    sbhas2k Well-Known Member

    Currently on "The billionaire Raj"

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