The "Everyday" show-off thread !


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Nov 29, 2012
Few items that I bought in the past month.

Memorex EB110. Bought these only because they come with 2 pairs of comply foams and cost less than a single pair. ( And they sound pretty alright too ;) )
memorex 1.jpg
Memorex (800*600).jpg

Philips SHE3900. These were available for pretty cheap on the flipkart first day ( January).

Panasonic RP-HJE290, from amazon.
Panasonic HJE290 (800*600).jpg

Panasonic HJE290 (2) (800*600).jpg

Sony MH1 and XB70. The XB70s are for a cousin.
MH1 n XB70 (800*600).jpg

MH1 (800*600).jpg

Extra eartips

Eartips (800*600).jpg

Samsung EVO 64Gb micro sd card
Samsung evo (800*600).jpg

Had to buy these because of a fractured toe ( cant wear shoes for a month :blackeye: )

Puma 2 (800*600).jpg


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Nov 22, 2008
@mh09ad5578 Nice to meet another FP Addict. This seems to be a common misconception that ink pens are a costly affair. To an extent if you compare the cheapest value for money ink pen to a Rs.2 ball pen,then you can consider them a costly affair. But there is so much in between,for cheap. There is something addictive about maintaining an instrument solely for the purpose of writing. This can only be attractive to people who spend a considerable time writing in this digital age. As Sathya Nadella predicted,the fountain pen will be extinct in a decade,You can count on me to be the sole user of fountain pens even if no one else is,I have enough stock of ink and pens to last a lifetime.

About the ASA Pen Company,Its a completely Indian product which has a very well known in fountain pen circles,national and International. The ASA Galactic is made of transparent acrylic which has been brushed on the cap and barrel except for about 2cm at the end of the pen. You could call this Fountain Pen Porn.
Priced at Rs.1000 for a standard Indian nib and Rs.1500 for a German Nib.
This and others available at

Happy Inking!


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Aug 11, 2008
No...its just when people forget good ol fountain pens and memorable film cameras, this thread in this forum will satiate ones desire of how the past was.

Yes its truly unconventional when pple use to show off, one gets an idea that these things are trendy and gets that boost to jive up and get them. Only to lament about it or that item rests to a rust.

But safe to say your posts make pple to seriously remember the past atleast to those who lived it once.
Hopefully fountain pens and film cameras co exist in this digital era atleast somewhere.
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