The "Everyday" show-off thread !


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Dec 10, 2012
^Makes sense, I was wondering the first time around why you'd get a pink KB even though meckeys had alternatives, that's some expensive gear for just work though.
I see you also have a switch, I've ordered a switch lite from Amazon US as a gift for someone. Where do you buy games locally ? do used copies show up on IVG ?
Super Odyssey was out of stock and used games in the US are only 5$ cheaper than new ! Just bought the Turquoise one with a case and BOTW for now.
Yeah the office keyboards were absolute garbage, so got her a good one as gift. The mouse she got herself to match the keyboard. For the Switch, I gave up on physical copies a long time ago. Everything digital, I wait for sales, or keep track of eshop cards when they show up on a discount. Recently the vouchers were decent savings. It's an expensive platform, but it's also the platform I spend the most time on while gaming currently. Check NintendoSwitchDeals on reddit. BOTW is fantastic, you will enjoy it. Happy Lynel hunting.
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Mar 18, 2007

It looks great but this one was DOA. Fiio India has great techies. Pick-up arranged for today (Tuesday)
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First impressions, the plastic is creaky, feels cheap and is a complete fingerprint magnet.
Doesn't come with a pre-applied screen protector, TPU case or Gorilla glass but it comes with a screen protection plan courtesy of Acko.
Rest of the specs are good on paper, the camera is decent, the screen is good as expected from Samsung and the phone doesn't feel bulky despite having a 6000mAh battery.
Can't really complain for the 11400 I paid for it and it's definitely a better option than Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi, etc
Only phone that might beat this is the A3.
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May 25, 2007
Got the M30s for my wife day before yesterday. As mentioned by @psyph3r, the build is not that great. The display is great. But the battery is the monster, as advertised. Had charged it to full before setting it up, and it is still going strong.

For my wife's moderate usage, this device is more than sufficient. Happy with the purchase.


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Dec 17, 2007
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Well I tried to resist, but that HU & Amp were on my wishlist for a long damn time. Sales came and went but these 2 just didn't go on sale... till now.. the minute the Amazon App notification came up that these were on deals.. I snapped both.

Finally I can get rid of my old crappy Pioneer HU on my Honda City ZX Vtec. Clean sound + Apple Carplay = Bliss.



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Aug 11, 2008
Here you go. Not a bad first attempt, should get better with more keychains.
Pooh Intel Processors. Feel so bad when the sand paper scrapes the surface. Overall great DIY. Those sharp corners on the die will harm you. Please be careful.
Got some nice ideas too. Will definitely tinker around some old processors.