Laptops The Laptop Customer Service / Warranty Thread


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Dec 31, 2008
I've seen a lot of people (including myself) in confusion while deciding to buy a laptop whether they will get adequate customer service for their product or not. Hence this thread. Please post the below mentioned details in this thread. I'll keep compiling them in this OP as the details come in, segregated per manufacturer, so that anyone can get the information easily.

Details to be mentioned:

1. Laptop details:

1a: Manufacturer:

1b: Model:

1c: Year of purchase:

2. Customer Care:

2a: Phone (tollfree/paid/none)

2b: Online (Live/Email/Forum/Database/none)

2c: Level of technical expertise & care (Excellent/Good/Average/Poor)

2d: Level of other issue solutions (Excellent/Good/Average/Poor)

3. Warranty:

3a: Standard Warranty Duration (In years):

3b: Extended Warranty available (yes/no):

3c: Extended Warranty costs (Astronomical/High/Average/Low/Free):

3d: Special Warranties available (Like accidental damage/complete cover):

3e: Special Warranty costs (Astronomical/High/Average/Low/Free):

3f: Warranty is Onsite or Carry-In:

3g: Quality of Service,e.g., issue fixed/part replaced immediately (Excellent/Good/Average/Poor):

3h: Ease of service e.g. no need to call/visit again & again (Excellent/Good/Average/Poor):

4. Contact info/phone numbers/email ids for service/care/warranty

5. Special notes/particular incidents/any other things or contacts that can help people in case of issues with service

I know this is a lot of information but please fill in whatever you can. I'll try to collate this data in the best possible way and keep it updated for ready reference