Budget 10-15K Time to replace Moto G3, after 3 yrs legacy & love


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Jun 24, 2007
both Realme 3 Pro & Redmi NOte 7 Pro are very close. Check those out and decide. while doing that, you can also check Samsung A50 vs those 2 video for understanduing why people are slamming Sammy.
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Haven't even opened it, Its lying in the box. Just bought it coz op3 had an exchange price of 9.3k.

Edit- So Amazon reduced the price of the old price by couple of grands now op3t exchange value is 7k.
Yeah, exchange values of all phones have dropped.

Only exception would be where the phone company wants to sell you the phone and doesn't want to show heavy discount, so chooses to give higher exchange value for the old phone.
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