Torrentit Closing down on Jan 20: Invite to Digitalhive & others for existing members


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Mar 4, 2007
Invite to DH

You have been invited to DigitalHive. With the closing of happening
in the near future we wanted to give the existing users of a new
home. This is your email invite, please follow the links below to create your

Quote from TiT

Ahoy pirates, 'tis your ******* here. Well, this isn't what I wanted, and it's certainly not the way I imagined things happening, but the decision has been made to dock the good ship. Sometimes you just can't bring back the past, and you just can't get people to understand that community is more important than fast torrents.

Pirates, we have never pressed anyone to empty their pockets, and all the while we did our best to bring you all that we could bring, in terms of content and community. The sad truth is, no matter what we've done, TiT has never even come close to being able to meet donation goals, a number which we never published because we don't like to put that expectation in front of members' noses. TiT has been sharing hosting on another site's server for the entire time it has been back up and running, with not a prayer of being able to survive on its own otherwise.

And it's not just about money. We tried everything we could think of to get people to be active. We managed to make what may be the first known auto-upload script that works for a Gazelle tracker so that we could drop blazing fast pre times on the pirates aboard this ship. We even had long-term open signups AND free leech! But in the end, this did little or nothing. And any of you who have participated at all in the community, beyond the torrents, know that the staff here are some of the best anywhere, helpful, approachable, capable. I personally am proud of every one of the First Mates and Captains who are on this roster, as they never failed in their duties. I appreciate the Bosuns, who were under-utilized by the membership but were still there waiting to help. I appreciate ******* for the long hours of trader and cheater hunting, and for the support he gave me. I appreciate the crew of Digital Hive, who undertook the task of bringing TiT back to life, and giving it a home which should have only been temporary, but ended up being more or less permanent.

I do want to apologize to all the members back in 2007 who may have donated, had seedboxes paid up and waiting, or simply waited at the docks for so long. TiT did you wrong when it took so long to come back. Because I believed that every pirate's faith should be rewarded, I did all I could to find a person/people who could help me bring it back, and not let it be a total waste, and a scam to boot. We owed you, and I couldn't let that go. I sincerely regret that my mission to restore TiT to its former glory has failed miserably, however. The resources and the abilities simply weren't there on my part to make things happen the way I wanted them to. So rather than let this drag out, and be a resource drain on others, it's best that we simply come back to port, and allow everyone to disembark peacefully. I am in the process of contacting other torrent communities to see if any of them are willing to offer the membership here some warm accomodations. As I get word back, I will post it for you.

Thanks to all of you who have supported TiT, whether by donations or participation in the community. If you uploaded any torrents, posted in the forums, talked in IRC, gave from your bank account, we appreciate you and your investment. I wish we had more to give back, but you can only do what you can do. I personally thank all of you who cared enough to stick with the good ship, even through the lean times when it seemed nothing at all was getting done. ETA for closure is Wednesday, January 20th, so please make your preparations. Free Leech seems to be broken, or it would be activated already. As soon as this is fixed, it will be activated as a final token of gratitude to all you faithful pirates.

I am truly saddened to have to make this decision, and it's been weighing heavily on me. I love the torrent community, and I am sorry that I could not make a bigger impact, and could not carry the site on my back. It's hard when you have a spouse and children, and you both work hard just to make ends meet, without much left for extras. I assume many of you will understand. If you have any comments, quips, or stories, please feel free to post here.

Your Faithful Admiral,

UPDATE: Check THIS THREAD for sites who are extending their generosity to TiT members. Do not abuse this generosity and make a mockery of the offer these sites are extending to you. If you cannot be verified by screenshot or profile link, don't expect to get in. Respect TiT, and the sites who are going out of their way to accomodate you. Keep checking this thread, as more sites can, and likely will, be added.
Other sites offered are

RevolutionTT (RevTT)
Acid (AL)

Pro Wrestling Torrents (PWT)
Funfile (FF)
Learnbits (LB)
AnimeBytes (AB)
Pornbits (PB)
Empornium (Emp)
Note: Users need to take UNEDITED SCREENSHOT OF THEIR PROFILE and go to the IRC channel or respective trackers as mentioned in the thread for requesting invites.