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Jan 22, 2005

Code Visual to Flowchart (aka.SourceCode2FlowChart)

Code Visual to Flowcharts is a source code flowcharting tool to help programmers understand and document source code. It can automated generate programming flowchart from code and supports Visio,Word,Excel,PowerPoint and BMP documentation.

It is composed of a code editor and a flow chart window . The code flowchart displayed in flowchart window is synchronal with the code of code editor.

Flow chart window is capable to rapidly analyze source code and display the graphical presentation of currently edited code. Users can click on any part of flowchart, and then the related part of edited code will be highlighted ;

The powerful code editor works with flow charts window to help programmers to edit complex source code easily. Users can click on any part of the edited code ,and then the related part of flow chart will be highlighted ;

Flowcharts can be exported in MS Visio, Word,Excel,PowerPoint or BMP formats on any flow chart expand level .So programmers can create code flowchart documents easily.

Current edited code can directly be printed or be exported as RTF or HTML with colors And the format is just the same as its appearance in editor , What You See is What You Get.
Source: http://www.fatesoft.com/s2f/index.htm

Code Visual to Flowchart supports all primary programming languages:

  • C
  • C++
  • VC++(Visual C++ .NET)
  • VB(Visual Basic)
  • VBA
  • Qbasic(quickbasic)
  • VBScript(VBS)
  • ASP,
  • Visual C#(C sharp)
  • Visual Basic .NET(VB.NET)
  • Visual J# .NET
  • VC++.NET
  • Java
  • JSP
  • JavaScript(JScript)
  • Delphi(Object Pascal)
  • PowerBuilder(PowerScript)
  • PHP
  • Visual FoxPro
  • PL/SQL
  • T-SQL(Transact-sql)
  • Perl
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Here's The Bad News, This Ones' Not Free... Still This 1.30MB Is Worth A Try...

Here's A Screenshot: