Trimmer issues...


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Guys I bought a Nova trimmer in 2k18 from Flipkart.
It worked good until past 3 months it started giving issues.

Identified that it didn't had that power /potential to function at full potential, the blades wouldn't run at full speed and it used to power on as if crying before running normally only after 5-10 mins.
Dissembled it completely, and cleaned every part thoroughly and cleaned any dirt (zero dirt observed), cleaned tiny hair stuff stuck under the shaver head blade attachment and surrounding the rotary.

Still it ran as is. No much improvements.

Didn't used for past 2 weeks and today even after full charge it was cribbing crying if I remove the blade attachment, the inside rotatory ran on full speed freely!

The blade attachment looked good as the blades moved freely (not jammed) still I oiled them but no go.

Now even the rotatory has refused to function.

I know you guys will advise to buy a new as its a cheap product but the thing is not about buying but to understand the working and troubleshooting.

The product was never dropped or mishandled ever.

If the battery went weak it could had never spun/ran alone the rotatory motor at full speed. Its only when I connect shaver head blade attachment, it struggles to rotate as if its dying.... And now its dead completely!

Any suggestions... (yes I"m buying a new one and opening a thread for it as well..)


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Apr 11, 2007
I'm guessing internal plastic (are they plastic ?) gears must have worn out


Jun 6, 2018
Should be of two reasons,
1. The spring loaded head could have jammed,did u tried moving it with hand ? It should move freely.
2. The battery could have weaken, it couldn’t produce enough juice to achieve in load, it might spin freely without load.


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May 21, 2020
Sometimes the circuit of the timmer can't process the energy which it is using from the battery if you disassemble and then assemble there is no effect on the trimmer. may the problem is in the circuit or the motor of the trimmer. Check it thoroughly.