TSMC Begins Mass Production of 7nm Process, AMD Vega 7nm Confirmed


Brutally Honest
Nov 30, 2011
Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or TSMC has just confirmed that the mass production of their 7nm process node has just begun. The 7nm process would be used in new products which include orders from AMD too, who will be using the process to leverage their upcoming GPU and CPU hardware.
AMD 7nm Vega and 7nm Zen 2 CPUs Orders Received by TSMC, 7nm Mass Production Officially Begins
In a report published by Chinatimes, TSMC has officially begun mass production of their 7nm node at their Fab 15. It is stated that TSMC has already confirmed the production of AMD 7nm GPUs that are part of their Radeon Instinct and Radeon Pro lineups, expected to hit market availability in 2H 2018.
That much is already known but the more interesting revelations in this report are that TSMC is expecting* to win orders for AMD CPUs too. The only CPU that AMD has in their pipeline and uses 7nm process is the upcoming Zen 2 architecture which will be a big leap for the company in terms of performance and efficiency. The Zen 2 architecture will be deployed first in the 7nm EPYC Rome processors which are arriving next year and compete favorably against the Intel’s yet to launch, 10nm Ice Lake-SP processors, based on AMD’s internal performance estimates.
*Not officially confirmed

Source: WCCFTech