Ultimate rig suggestions


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May 24, 2008
Exactly that's wht i am asking for a little help and to get the best out of it guys. But i don't knw why you all misunderstood it and started all this. I would again request if i can get the same power and same performance just suggest me that config pls. So blr can u suggest me some other config with the same power and performance ?


m-jeri said:
How abt getting a skulltrail with xeon's ?
The LGA 771 is quite an old platform ever since the LGA 1366 was introduced. I'm not sure if the OP even requires a dual processor solution to his requirements.

Let's get a bit serious here! You need a high-end PC and you have sufficient funds as well. Would you be willing to source the components from the US or limited to the local stores? Don't get me wrong but the configuration suggested by unonymouz seems quite good to me. There may be fewer alternatives at this high a price point.


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Jun 13, 2009
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Re: A Very Very High Config Rates Reqd.

johny_samajhdar said:
gaming + high end 3d work
The stuff you wish to purchase is uber, and top of the line. Regarding the above text in bold, it would be advisable that you visit some 3D Design professional studios and understand what type of equipment they are using. Yes, it is possible to do 3D work on gaming cards (read GeForce/Radeon), but PRO series --- Quadro (nVidia) and FireGL(ATI) are better suited for this. This is strictly dependent on the discipline/level you wish to work at for 3D. Now again, we do not know your exact requirement. Else you could research out forum/websites which advise better for 3D work. A gaming card is not always best for 3D work. Some more research will make the system better. Best of luck.