Windows Unusual Low Virtual memory error: Hows that possible?


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Guys I got Win 10 Enterprise edition. Patched to the latest.


My system has only 1.2GB of Virtual memory assigned (As have 18gb Physical ram so never felt the need to have a proper virtual memory allocated) Google /forums etc. as well suggested the same.

Yesterday I was browsing heavily in Firefox with 2 physical tabs opened which again had multiple tabs inside them opened (almost 25)

While all was going smooth suddenly system froze and went unresponsive.

So somehow managed to capture the monitor with my cellphone and here is the result:


As one can see out of 18gb Ram only 47% was utilized.

I rebooted the system & peeked into Event logs only to find this unusual:






Now in spite of having 18gb of system memory and off that only 47% being utilized why did the system froze due to Low virtual memory condition?

As per my bets knowledge, Virtual memory is necessary only for system having smaller amounts of physical ram (4/6 gb). Correct me though as google as well says the same.

Needlessly out of fear I now have allocated a Virtual memory of 8gb.

Also, the last screenshot point to some Hypervisor I think this isn't related to my core issue. Correct me though.

Please advise regarding the Virtual memory issue.