Budget 21-30k Upgrade Advice for CPU AMD FX 6300. Should I even bother?

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  1. nikrusty

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    Hello guys,

    Need your help. I'm considering upgrading my PC, just CPU, mobo, RAM as I see my CPU is weak in gaming specifically.

    What I've noticed - AAA games run around 40-45 fps, however, there is stuttering in some games like Assassin's Creed Origins. Tom Clancy Division doesn't have the same issue (better optimized perhaps). When testing with an in-game bench of AC: Origins, it shows CPU at 100%. This doesn't give the poor CPU any room. Also, I run voice chat, steam or discord when co-oping with a friend (Division) and at that time I feel there are voice drops because my CPU is already overloaded. Older games, no issue.

    My current setup -
    AMD FX 6300 (stock)
    NVIDIA 1060 3GB
    16GB DDR3 RAM
    2TB HDD

    How I game
    I only play 1080p at High settings, I don't go for Ultra settings, neither can I with 1060 3GB @1080p.
    I'm happy with the performance in games but yes there are noticeable frame drops in Origins, for example, several times which is disconcerting. Shifting to low setting doesn't help as I believe it is the CPU that is coughing.

    However, this thankfully doesn't happen in every game, only in this game it was apparent.

    So the real question
    Should I even bother spending what 30k more just for CPU upgrade really?
    I know that my CPU is bottlenecking my GPU, but is it worth the 30k or so more spend to remove that gaming bottleneck?

    Possible configs
    Intel i3 - 8100 or AMD Ryzen 1500. Budget under Rs.13k. (I'm edging towards intel)
    Decently capable mobo, I don't overclock. Budget under Rs.8k
    16GB DDR4 RAM. Budget around Rs.10k. 8GB RAM used to be the sweet spot or do I need only 8GB still?

    Any other CPU, like the i5 8400 or Ryzen 2600 would definitely give better performance overall but in reality, would I really benefit for the extra Rs.5-6000 spent on a faster CPU in my usecase scenario? Perhaps, I can spend that on an SSD instead for better overall system performance and better load times in games?

    Why these configs and not higher? The Logic?
    - I'm sticking with 1080p and don't intend on a higher resolution for the next 3-5 years at least.
    - My choices are all 4 cores CPU's and not 6 or 8 cores as I know that games don't really need a high-end processor, so these should suffice. Also, games don't really utilize multi-cores simultaneously as productivity apps do. I've run 3 core Fx 6300 for 3 years now and it still has life left in it but yes it is ageing I feel.
    - I don't stream games.
    - I don't have demanding productivity apps/programs to use. I do occasionally video editing and audio editing and it is super smooth with my current setup.

    Thanks again guys for your advice and time :)

    Update -
    - After a little more research I found out, Assassins Creed Origins isn't very well optimized.
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  2. vyral_143

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    From long term perspective, likes of Ryzen 5 2600 should be good. Cause 3GB on GTX 1060 is going to be a limiting factor next.
  3. OP

    nikrusty Happy TE User

    Hmmm, Thanks for the advice. I was wondering if 1600 ought to be enough really for the next 3 years.

    Though on the GPU, 3GB @1080p shouldn't be a problem for several years I bet but yeah eventually will require change.
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  4. vyral_143

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    I think it should fit in. Performance diff of about 10-12 FPS as per Tomshardware review of 2600. But pricing diff is nearly 4.5K here. So 1600 looks kinda VFM.
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  5. AMG

    AMG Just another poor guy

    DDR3 RAM???
  6. OP

    nikrusty Happy TE User

    Yeah was thinking the same. However entire platform change, CPU + mobo + RAM = quite a bit. Thus hesitant.

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