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    My home inverter kicks in whenever there is a power cut but the switch-over delay causes my PC to restart. I have also noticed the same issue when the voltage goes down. This has become intolerable, as voltage dips are getting more and more frequent and my PC restarts every time.

    I have planned to get a UPS for the PC to get over this issue but I cannot decide which model to buy. My main concern is the switch over time. It should be short enough to prevent restarts. I do not need a very long battery backup as my home inverter can take care of that.

    Please suggest within Rs 2500. APC is preferred.

    My config is:
    4th gen i5 4440
    MSI PC MATE mobo
    NVIDIA MSI GTX 960 2GB Armor Edition
    2x4GB Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3
    1TB HDD and 250 GB HDD
    Corsair VS 650 PSU
    1 CD/DVD drive
    16 inch monitor
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