Laptops Urgent suggestion for A new Laptop.. budget 700$ - 750$


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Aug 28, 2009

Guys please suggest me good laptop in this budget.. 700 - 750$.
Gonna require it for general usage.. no hardcore gaming.. during 2 years of college..

right now im stuck between dell inspiron and studio..
Im going for dell because i think its the best i can get in this budget..
quality and warranty too..

Whats the difference betwwen a studi and an inspiron laptop ??? coz the hardware specs seem to be the same..

can someone tell what difference would a core i5 make over a core i3 because i have never used intel before. and my dad thinks i3 is low performance and that i should go for atleast i5.

Also where do i get the laptop from.. the website or the store..???

Im currently residing in new jersey.

So other than the core i5 other specs really dont matter..
I already have a protable 320gb HDD.
4gb ram is common i guess.
Any other features that i should look out for..

Also how can i reduce the cost of the laptop by removing some features.. ???
like i dont need the mcafeee AV... and also i can replace the GFX card with intel onboard gfx ..
is anything else i can do..

Need your suggestions urgently.. have to buy in the next 24 hours..