Urgent : Which cheap CDMA feature phone ?.


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Jan 13, 2012
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Hi guys,
I urgently need a CDMA feature phone which has good battery life because I talk a lot daily, 30-40 calls daily. Also it should be able to hold a minimum of 1000 contact numbers, more would be even better. I do not care about looks or features, my primary purpose is calling so I need very good call clarity and signal quality because sometimes am in far off sites.

I know this is no exciting thread but I urgently need this phone and I got no knowledge of features phones at all. Does 3G phone also aid in getting better call quality, am not sure but I read somewhere I guess that with 2G , if you also have 3G , it not only has good internet facility but also good network coverage and call quality, true ?.

My budget is Rs 3000 , thanks.

Kindly share your thoughts and recommendations, need to buy it ASAP. Also if you know any online sources with COD facility, do link me but I guess they will take a long time to deliver.

Thanks for your time.


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Jul 12, 2009
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First of all having 2G or 3G has no improvements on the coverage as such,I use Vodafone 3G and the signal bar is always 3-4 whereas with 2G its all 5 bars.So there is no coverage benefit as such
Now coming to your CDMA mobile,there are a couple of handsets that you can get within your range
- Micromax C-190
- Samsung Mpower Muzic F219
- Samsung Hero

Personally,I would go with any Samsung(CDMA) phone because the battery life is almost three times that of a smartphone
The Samsung Mpower F219 will suit your needs