Using BSNL 3G Sim in Delhi (on MTNL Roaming)

Discussion in 'Telecom and Broadband Internet' started by delhiboy1000, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. delhiboy1000

    delhiboy1000 New Member


    I would like to know if its possible to get a BSNL 3G sim from U.P & use it in Delhi with a datacard for 3G Internet ?
    i.e I hope there are no data roaming charges when it uses MTNL's 3G network in Delhi?

    From what i can understand from the BSNL site; this doesnt seem to be possible.
    Just like the voice roaming charges, there will be Data roaming charges.
    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd
    But some seller of UMG1831 in delhi has told me otherwise..

    Any answers, anyone?
  2. setu_garg

    setu_garg New Member

    There are no data roaming charges. I use a bsnl 3G sim bought from Lucknow in Delhi in my ipad.
  3. OP

    delhiboy1000 New Member

    but if you are using it in NOida; then you are still on BSNL network..

    have you tested in delhi?

    also, which unlimited plan is available on BSNL 3G?
  4. Dushie

    Dushie Active Member

    i used my BSNL 3G bangalore sim in delhi, there were no data charges, also i am on the unlimited 6 months plan. In which there are no data charges even in roaming.
  5. Switch

    Switch Well-Known Member

    What are the average speeds which you guys are getting over 3G in NCR.
  6. setuniket

    setuniket Active Member

    You can use your usual 3G plans on MTNL roaming, unless your plan specifically states that roaming will be charged. I am using BSNL Blackberry service in Noida/Delhi and using 3G and I am not being charge for anything even if I am in roaming all the time.
  7. m.khurana

    m.khurana Active Member

    I am getting around 4.1Mbps on MTNL 3G....
  8. Dushie

    Dushie Active Member

    i was getting around 2 to 3 Mbps download speeds, but browsing was slow.
  9. redhatperl

    redhatperl RedHatPerl

    I am in Delhi, Laskhmi Nagar - I had BSNL 3G and when I used that for browsing speeds are pretty slow.. It was 0.28MBps and downloads were 28KBps. Looks like MTNL is the culprit :( ... can anyone please confirm what speeds they are getting in these areas ??

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