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Jun 10, 2010
Friends today i stand on such a platform where i have to decided what to have as a programming tool so that 2 years later i can use it for my T.Y. project :)

So the competition is between three software out there :huh:

1. Borland 5.2 c++
2. visual c++ 2010
3. Real studio

so now what do u thing will be more of use full in T.Y project ?????

Right now i am doing My F.Y.B.Sc.I.T and so we do have c++ , the one with the blue screen ;) which don't work on windows 7 without dosbox in full screen mode :p

i want to get read of that for shore .


1. Borland 5.2 c++ :

- Easy to use with more advance function then that of blue screen c++ .
- Can be installed and run in windows 7 both 32 bits and 64 bits :D.
- Gives more space for working.

2. Visual c++ 2010 :

- Used to make easy gui application.
- Same as c++ and easy to use.
- Most of the people use it from what I seen.

3. Real Studio :

- don't know to use it but did saw a video on how it is used and i am impressed with it :D
- very easy to use which can save a lot of time for making all the graphical user interferences .
- i didn't understand the coding part though but still it look like very same of c++.

So now plz help me with the selection part :) and also guide me on T.Y. project thing like, will all the above software allowed to use ????

any thing which can be a problem from university side on use of the above software ???

things like this ;)

Thank you in advances .


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Jun 4, 2011
I would say Visual Studio 2010, which is the most widely used development tool in the industry out of the three you have mentioned.

It also has quite a decent debugger for development needs.

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Jun 3, 2005
First you need to understand the difference between a programming language, compiler and an Integrated Development Environment. What you listed down here are IDE's and you are talking about them as if they are compilers. While you use an IDE for development, the development itself can be in one or more languages even in the same IDE.

For instance Visual Studio can be used for C++, C#, VB and more. An IDE requires a compiler and debugger to build and debug but conversely, you don't really need an IDE for development.

If you want to do C++ programming, more than the IDE, what you should be concerned about first is the compiler as there are differences between the various compilers. Visual Studio uses the Microsoft C++ compiler for C++ while Borland IDE use the borland C++ compiler. On Linux and Mac, GNU C++ compiler is the standard. There are other C++ compilers, but Microsoft C++ and GNU C++ are the widely used industry standard for Windows and Linux/Mac programming. Borland C++ was also used heavily in the earlier days, but its usage has gone down quite a bit these days.

Personally saying, it would be best for you to get your mileage on Microsoft C++ and GCC. For Windows, you can use Visual Studio as IDE, for Mac you can use XCODE. For Linux, I am not sure if there is any particular industry standard IDE as such, but eclipse is used a lot. As I haven't done any large project in Linux, I have mostly edited the source files using vi, but you can use emacs or Eclipse depending on the need. Others can suggest more.

As for Real studio, it is used for programming with RealBasic and It doesn't have anything to do with C++. While you can use it for programming, but on its own it wouldn't be worth jack on a resume. I would suggest getting experience with a standard dialect like C++, Visual Basic or C# before you go to these.
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May 1, 2009
you are thinking too far and only from your project perspective. i know how final yr projects are done, be it BSc or Engg need not comment here.

for the first 2 yrs focus on concepts and programming paradigms. At the end of 2nd yr you'll be able to take a call.

And language is just an enabler, if you're gonna be developing project ON YOUR OWN, you'll have to first identify what kind of project you would be doing and then take a call on the language/technology best supported.


On a Journey called Life :P
Jun 10, 2010
Thank You lord nemesis and Malique for you're kind and very informative information :D

I am kind of noob in the field right now and now i have just started taking this things seriously , so got confused ;)

all three of them seems useful and so now my first priority will be Borland C++ and Visual C++ as most of the thing are common in them and can be shifted any time as per the need :) - [ my concerned may be wrong :/ ]

may be real studio may come handy later in time ;)

thank you so much :)