What JS frameworks do you use for Mobile Games (or Rich Web Apps)

Lord Nemesis

Jun 3, 2005
As the title suggests, I am looking to collect info from Mobile game (or app) developers on the forums.

I would like to know what all JS frameworks you guys usually use for mobile game development for iOS/Android either for freelance development or when working for companies.

Also what browsers does your games/apps usually support.

What are your thoughts and experiences with Native/Web/Hybrid apps. Does anyone have experience with Native Multi-platform frameworks like Mono Touch?

As I said several times in the past and my own personal experience says that HTML5 on Mobile is terribly overrated and at best in its bare infancy in terms of support/performance and other aspects. But often non-developers (the semi-technical business types particularly) are suckered into the myth that HTML5 allows for a true cross platform solution where you need to develop only once, test it on a couple of emulators and it will run it on every platform without any issues and its all smooth sailing from there. The realty is that both testing and fixing the odd bugs takes up considerable effort.

Santa Maria!

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Oct 27, 2011
I've had my company adopt AngularJS for our new web apps. The clientside aspect of our app was getting more and more sophisticated and jQuery is just too low level for complex client side applications to be maintainable.

Before choosing Angular, I tried out (casually) backbone.js, ember.js and knockout.js. I found Angular to be the most elegant in terms of code organization and separation-of-concerns. And if you come from a WPF/XAML background, you'll be pleased with the MVVM-ish resemblance (data binding ftw).
We've used it successfully to build 3 big apps in/around our product so far and have more planned.

Angular is extremely easy to get started with, but you'll soon realize that there are some concepts that you have to really wrap your mind around to utilize the framework to its fullest potential. This guy's post perfectly sums up the Angular experience:

As for games... I don't know if Angular is a really good fit... but this app might prove me wrong. It's a bomberman clone built in Angular:

But for JS games in general, I've heard some really good things about ImpactJS (though I've not tried it myself). It's not free, though.