What ups has stabilizer inside it?

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    Current setup is I have a 4KVA stabilizer for high voltage which is 255+ V most of time. I've tried a lot to get the electricity people to get it to 230V but it again becomes 250+V after 24 hrs. I tried everything and gave up.

    due to price hike in electricity units, each and every extra thing i run adds up in watts used per day and i'm looking at bills in 1.2k+ every month.

    each of these things - stabilizer, ups, inverter all have transformers in them and each will lose some conversion efficiency. All of them add up in load on meter. So i'm thinking of removing everything and keeping just one thing to deal with high voltage and give backup to home in power failure for around 12 hrs.

    Is there something I can put at mains that will run on external 150Ah lead acid battery to replace the voltage stabilizer, 850va apc inverter and the 650va apc ups i'm using?

    will a single 1KVA online ups do the job?
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    I used an online UPS (Emerson Liebert 3KVA) for a while. It is a versatile machine. It does double conversion and you can set the output parameters (volts/freq) to any value.

    However before you spend money, consider a few things:

    It came with 3 years warranty that included yearly servicing. After the warranty period was over, they asked me for 8k/year for AMC. It is 100% electronic (may have some high freq transformers), so I wouldn't operate it without an AMC.

    Transformers (I am assuming your stabilizer is the servo type) are very efficient. You probably want to convert your suspicion into numbers before you take the plunge. I doubt AC-DC-AC convertors will be more efficient than the transformer. Besides, you don't have to worry about AMCs or any other recurring costs.
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    It will do the job, but do note unlike home inverters, online Ups and line interactive ups which both have built in AVR, cannot handle the inrush current of appliances like fridge, unless you have a inverter fridge. Case in point my 1000va 800w apc smart ups which trips the moment fridge compressor kicks On when it is in battery mode. But not the case with my other samsung inverter fridge.
    Other online ups brands may have higher inrush capability.

    Yes adding multiple stabilzers will increase your power bill, What you and I should have bought in the first place is a 5kva servo stabilizer. Lucky you got 255v, I got 340v for hrs in the night for several weeks. Had to just switch of the mcb and run on battery for several weeks.:mad: As the Power supply people didn't bother with the complaints.
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    yeah, online ups is out of question now. plus they run on 24-72V and use smf batteries.

    @dpandey, my stabilizer is a 4KVA torroidal 3 step type.

    @adder, A 5kva servo does not have a battery backup right?

    With the way these useless power discoms operate, we will end up having to make our own power generation system at home.
  5. adder

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    No servo stabilzer doesn't have back up. But you must have noticed the relays clicking inside your apc ups or main stabilizer and the smaller stabilizers, with a fraction of second of each other. While they both try to stabilize, causing the relays to loose their cycle life. A servo stabilizer prevents this.

    I am already half way there to generate power, got a 5kva solar ready off grid inverter(yet to install), all I need now is solar panels and 4x 12v battery, I hope to install solar panels next year, short on vitamin M.

    I specifically didn't buy any On grid or Grid tie solar inverter that can sell solar power to the grid, since the votlages go so high, that they can screw up the expensive solar inverter.
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    Setting it up yourself with individual different comapny parts or will take a packged deal
  7. adder

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    I am installing all by myself literally with help from dad, from doing all the wiring both AC and DC bus side battery and solar, making a new wooden wall/stand for the inverter and all dc and ac components to sit on. I will be saving atleast 50k to 1lakh. So yes buying every component from different make and sources and installing them yourself saves a ton of money.

    Off grid is expensive because of the batteries and no subsidy, battery cost a lot 60k for 4x150ah batteries. But I had to replace two batteries anyway after close to 9 years of use in my older apc smart ups. This new inverter needs 4 batteries. So additional cost is just for 2 more batteries albiet they are of higher capacity vs my previous 40ah ones.

    My off grid is still cheaper in price compared to the On grid package deal even with subsidy.
    I did not want to go On grid, because you will need to make a 25year contract to sell them power. High voltage from the grid happens a lot and it can kill the Grid tie inverter with nasty fireworks inside the inverter, thats atleast 60k down the drain. Unless you go with off grid or the super expensive hybrid inverters, you wont get battery back up when power fails. I also do not have a solar water heater, instead will use solar electric power to heat the water. Once I get a electric scooter, I will not have any excess solar power to sell them.

    Getting the On grid setup sanctioned requires lots of red tape to be cut, with bribes and I don't want anything to do with those escom thieves .

    Everyone here will at some point buy EV vehicles. So I seriously doubt they will make excess solar to sell back to the grid.
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