What watch are you wearing today???

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by shady2pac, May 4, 2014.

  1. Black_Hawk

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    That is a RP dial HMT. If your not a purist you can go for one provided the sellers agrees to sell to Indians. Usually these guys target the Western audience and try and pass these pieces as original HMT watches which is a shame.

    P.S. I see that the seller has mentioned to the buyer to go through the product description. I'm guessing maybe he has mentioned there that the dial is a RP dial and not original?
  2. puns

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    if its too good to be true, it probably is.
    these can be aftermarket and not the real deal considering low price.
    Looks like they cater to international market only to avoid Indian buyers so as to not being found out
  3. Neo-N

    Neo-N Well-Known Member

    I was almost certain it was a Franken - Was waiting for him to respond. He didn't. Clearly he wants to avoid local buyers who can reach him.
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  4. adventureguy

    adventureguy Well-Known Member

    @Black_Hawk Hi, you have extensive knowledge about watches. Can you tell me if this xiaomi watch is a good watch for first time watch buyer? I like minimilist designs and this looks good

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    definitely fake/replica seller
  5. dissel

    dissel Well-Known Member

    This is a quartz watch with very minimum Smart Watch capability....I got one, It is as good as any quartz watch...Battery replacement can be done at home. I have one, Go for the White model.

    Now...Respected TE member @Black_Hawk is Watch Collector & Enthusiastic (which suits his Job Profile) and his expertise in vintage watches which are Either Automatic Mechanical Drive or some Exotic Hand Wind mechanical drive.

    Wait for his reply.
  6. Black_Hawk

    Black_Hawk Well-Known Member

    Hi mate,

    Although I'm not into smartwatches I would say that Xiaomi does look nice and the large minimalist dial looks very clean. The crystal has a slight dome (derived from the photos I see on that listing) and that should make it look that extra but nice. However, do bear in mind that some people have posted they had a little bit of a hard time figuring out how to set the time. I think with the MI app you should be able to get it all setup without much trouble.

    At approximately 3.1k it seems like a good watch to get.

    EDIT: As @dissel mentioned above, I am strictly not into Smartwatches. 90% of my watches are Automatic/ Mechanical. So, refer to dissel's feedback about the watch above and ONLY then decide whether you want to pull the trigger on it or not.
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  7. asingh

    asingh Well-Known Member
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    Skagen Connected is not a bad option.
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  8. dissel

    dissel Well-Known Member

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  9. adventureguy

    adventureguy Well-Known Member

    It great you have it already. How is it? does the glass scratch easily? I have no interest in smartwatch capability. It just looks clean and mimilistic. Im planning on getting white one and use a blue strap. I think it'll look good.
  10. adventureguy

    adventureguy Well-Known Member

    I just want it for looks. not interested in smartwatch capability :) thanks. I think I'll get it
  11. adventureguy

    adventureguy Well-Known Member

    Thank you :) I'll wait for @dissel feedback. But I think I'll get it. I have no interest in smartwatch capability. It looks good.
    Its nearly 3 times the cost of mijia watch :( I want to start slow before below 5k

    Any idea why it is costlier than mijia smartwatch even though this doesn't have pedometer?
  12. dissel

    dissel Well-Known Member

    Hi, Go ahead and buy it, To activate the watch you just need to connect one time with the Mi Home App and need to set the region to Mainland China...this is mandatory to use the watch,That is all....unless you travel different timezone frequently there is no need to connect the watch with the app until the battery depletes. The side crown provided which is only do the BT pairing with the phone not for time adjustment though. The strap is 18mm so it is unisex, not 20mm and it is slide pin mechanism, you can change but can't increase the width of the strap. This is a proper dress watch and perfectly suitable for office use as well as casual.

    Despite any smart feature, this watch is costly because of that 21 jewels Miyota Drive (Motor) which power the watch...(this is like Engine of some high-end Car), Miyota Drive used many premium brands watches such as Citizen Eco-drive and many more, No battery needed, your daily activity/movement provide required power to this kind of watch, 90% picture posted in this thread are all using this kind of mechanism. There is the Seiko Movement which considers high-end movement also and there Seagul Movement (not sure how good )and many customized movements which are something like In-House engine for Top Tier Swiss Brand / European Heritage brand.

    This kind of movement cost more because the craftsmanship and engineering involved to make one.

    @Black_Hawk can explain it to you in great detail....This is his place.

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  13. Black_Hawk

    Black_Hawk Well-Known Member

    I like this, I really do...

    - Lovely large clean dial with a not too overbearing date window which would spoil the entire "zen" of the watch.

    - The Guilloche patterned dial which I think would play nicely under sunlight or a light source. The beams of light diffusing towards the ends of the dial are rather pleasing to the senses.

    - I'm not entirely sure but I see some of the listings on AliExpress mentioning this watch has a sapphire crystal. That would make it much less prone to scratches and also with a healthy dose of blue Anti-Reflective (AR) coating on the crystal surface it would make it more legible and give it nice hue under the sun's rays.

    - The movement in this a Miyota 821A and that is a nice derivative of the Miyota 8215. Essentially being a similar breed of the trusty old 8215 this movement stays true to it's "familia". It sweeps like the work-horse it is and tires only after a good 35-40 hours, sometimes even more. Then give it a nice winding and it's good to gallop again. If you wear this as your daily driver then you shouldn't have to resort to winding it at all. It is wise to bear in mind at this point that the 8215A is not hackable but some of the newer movement derivatives are said to he hackable as well but this I don't think will have that feature. That shouldn't be a deal spoiler by any means. What could be a slight niggle is the ardent, inherent stutter of the second's hand on a Miyota 8215 series movement which has come to be known over the years of it's existence. Some pick this "stuttering" up with their naked eye but I have seriously never had any issues with it and have multiple watches with this movement, serving me well. Also, with the 821A I remember having read that the stuttering issues have been ironed out to an extent. Also, the 821A is more regulated so do expect a slightly more accuracy then the vanilla 8215 movement. The elder brother of this would be the Miyota 9015 but that would be more expensive. The 821A also has a nicely trimmed rotor design.

    - Solid SS case as opposed to alloy cases that float aplenty on AliExpress.

    - Calf-skin strap. Although I for one would essentially swap that strap straightaway with a softer, better quality leather strap. But that's just me.

    If someone is looking for Automatic watches on AliExpress then search for these brands (listing the one's which I can remember and have bought):

    San Martin
    Steel BagelSport
    Nakzen (I wouldn't recommend Megir)
    Reef Tiger
    Pagani Design

    Right, those are one's I can think off with my memory a little cloudy on this "not so balmy" evening. Most of the mentioned brands above will come with a variant or derivative of the following movements:

    Asian Unitas 6497
    Asian Unitas 6498
    Miyota 8215
    Miyota 821A
    Seiko NH35A
    Seiko NH36A
    Dixmont Guangzhou (Largely DG2812 and 2813)
    Hangzhou movements.

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  14. Roxtin

    Roxtin Well-Known Member

    You can also try getting a Vostok/Komandirskie from Meranom if you want a cheap reliable and sturdy Automatic/Mechanical to start with.
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  15. asingh

    asingh Well-Known Member
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    Nothing beats a clean chapter with minimalist designs, to be honest. I literally feel like throwing my diver watches away--I guess tastes change as one grows old. Those Parnis are mouth watering, but many are busy dials. But they look good. Though most are homage to the great "P".. If you know what I meant.

    You got me looking at that site. I really like this:
    Click for watch.
    It has a minimal design, seems free flowing (with three dials), and a whooping 35H PS. I wonder how they are doing that. Either a low rev. balance wheel or a double barrel. Any idea. Love the blue accents.

    You have any double barrel watch? How do they fare?
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  16. Black_Hawk

    Black_Hawk Well-Known Member

    Yes my good friend, it's a huge market out there on AliX and too many brands I tell you! I listed the ones that are good as regards to their finishing and have better QC when compared to the other mushroom brands (eg: Tevise, Forsining, Sinobi, etc). As you correctly mentioned, most of these watches are homages, homages to Rolex, IWC, Omega, Panerai, Tudor. The 44-45mm Radiomir homages from Parnis or Corgeut are so mouth-watering that I have often had a hard time suppressing my desire to buying one! It's a voluminous homage territory out there and the good part is some of them are really well made. The San Martin and Merkur Tuna's for example are very well machined, extremely solid pieces. These have garnered some very positive reviews online of late.

    The watch that you linked is on line with the NOMOS Lambda. Think it comes with a PTS Hangzhou 2b00 Movement. It's accurate and even if not spot on 35 hours, should hover well over 30+ hours of PR. The dial is nice, large and since it's made keeping true to the Bauhaus style, reeks of minimalism. Wonderful thing that. I personally haven't had this variant but know a friend who has got it. He however has the one from Guanqin. Essentially the same watch with similar movement and he loved it. The strap these will come with most chances are will not be any good. You will have to put these on better straps. Another thing about these Chinese pieces is, no matter what they say (unless it's a San Martin or a Merkur) I wouldn't particularly take these for a shower or a swim. A splash here and there, a light drizzle should be fine though. Also, you will notice that another brand called Starking making these similar variant, my advice is, avoid that one.

    Here's the link to the Guanqin one:


    It even says "Stunden" on the dial :)

    Now, this is specifically for anyone who wants his first automatic watch and would want it as his daily driver: Don't delve into AliExpress. Get yourself a Seiko 5 or a Vostok and be done with it. Gold standard, solid performers.
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  17. asingh

    asingh Well-Known Member
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    Will reply to you in detail later.

    Or even the home grown Timex automatics (with Citizen Miyota) are a good safe bet. Of course Vostok is nice. Though have been eyeing the RAKETA too..! LOL
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  18. dissel

    dissel Well-Known Member

    My question to All Knowledgeable Member here,

    Is it advisable to regularly Hand Wind Automatic Mechanical Movement Watch or Left it alone so it stops - Which one is Good Practice?

    Please reply. Thank You.

    Some very attractive looking Parnis according to me.

    http://bit.do/eNg9S (White Dial with Number - Simple & Elegent)
    http://bit.do/eNhaJ (Blue/Black Dial, Love that Fuel Gage type Power Reserve - Little bit crowded On the Dial)
    http://bit.do/eNhbf ( IWC Homage - White Dial with Blue Hand and Numbers, Original owned by TE Members)
    http://bit.do/eNhb3 (Non-Automatic Mechanical Handwind, Pure 70's Look Steel Casing Only avoid Rose Gold Version which discards the 70's Look - Owned By Black Hawk here in TE)
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  19. asingh

    asingh Well-Known Member
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    Ya, I have invested a huge deal today looking at awesome watches out on Alix. A lot of them have nice complications (PS, Tourbillion, hand day/date), at really affordable prices. Amazing work, and the cases seem good too. Onion stem crowns Wow! The true works.

    Thanks for the analysis and information. True, they will not holdup to water. Water resist, not proof. Strap wise--NATO them. LOL. I am even careful with my "Typhoon Divers".

    You can once in a while to crank it. But on a regular basis I would not. The stem is the weakest part of the movement. Just shake--start.
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  20. Black_Hawk

    Black_Hawk Well-Known Member

    I usually only wind up/ shake my watches to life when I intend to slap them on my wrist. Because I have a relatively largish number of watches winding them regularly or on an everyday basis is just going to be an arduous exercise. I rotate and wear the pieces and wind them accordingly. I also sometimes put a watch in the winder at night if I intend to wear them the next morning. :)
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