Where this country is heading - do you have any hope ?

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by netant, Mar 3, 2018.


how to survive and have a respectable life in this country?

  1. Not Possible

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  2. OP is Antinational

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  3. OP has black money in Swiss bank

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  4. what is respect? What is life? Pay taxes & just Pay Taxex, make india Sooperpawa in 2020.

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  1. netant

    netant Well-Known Member

    too much person information .. vented out of anger .
    I'm deleting this detail,, sorry.

    The post was most how the recent changes impacting and crushed me & my family financially from all possible direction & now we are forced to think about meeting end needs meeting the lifestyles we have over decades.
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  2. 6pack

    6pack Well-Known Member

    This is happening everywhere. Just look at all the countries and their leadership. Its like looking at a circus full of clowns coming one after another and the people clapping happily more or less everywhere.
    People who are wise are keeping quite or have drowned by the noise.

    And if this was not enough, the whole world - animals, fish, trees, plants, soil - everything is being destroyed on a massive scale. I'm guessing in less than 50 years, mankind will destroy themselves at this rate. There won't be anything left for furture generations other than digital images on a computer. I think that movie wall-e was 100% on the mark on the future of humans. Someday we'll leave this planet like a junk yard with robots cleaning it up.
  3. OP

    netant Well-Known Member

    i have deleted my previous long comment as too much personal information exposed in internet.

    True, everyone in power is trying to fill their own pocket & getting their next generation settled in US/UK. Natural resources are not respected, wither its trees or our water bodies.
    We are loosing humanity bit by bit :(
  4. Zaibatsu

    Zaibatsu Banned

    Anyone from any political party is far more powerful than anyone can imagine. These people have power over law enforcement, media, goons etc Noone can stop them. So we should rather pay respect to them or atleast show :D

    I would rather pray for an apocalypse so I can be free from this system
  5. Julian

    Julian om nom nom

    Zero hope. Even saudi is probably gonna end up better off than us. We are headed for NK type democracy, but with shitloads of money flowing in and out to fool the world into believing we're developed...
  6. blr_p

    blr_p Well-Known Member

    What has triggered this outburst. There is no context here at all.
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  7. Lord Nemesis

    Lord Nemesis Overlord

    ^^That is the most absurd justification if it is meant to be one. At least, unlike in India, the criminals get caught and punished in US. Nirbhaya killers have yet to be punished even now. There are 4-5 cases with similar level of brutality in last month alone and except for one, all victims are minors ranging from 6 - 15 years. Every girl from a 6 month old baby to 100 year old granny is a potential rape target in India. Rape/molestation victims are blatantly asked in court what kind of clothes they were wearing to prove that they are to blame. Culprit being drunk is an excuse accepted in court and would help reduce punishment significantly. Politicians encourage or make light of it. The system enables this crime like to such an extent that the only deterrent is just the conscience of the person or mob justice in some cases. As per NCRB statistics, there is a report of rape every 15 min in this country. That is despite extremely poor report rates (read somewhere that its estimated to be below 1% of actual) and very narrow legal definition of the term unlike in US.

    In any case, my sister is also in US she occasionally has to travel back home late often as late as post mid night and she has never felt its unsafe there. In India, its very risky even in a city like Hyderabad.
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  8. asingh

    asingh Well-Known Member
    Super Mod

    No point even voting.
  9. iPwnz

    iPwnz Brutally Honest

    You are anti-national. k byeee
  10. chetansha

    chetansha Well-Known Member

    And the sanghis have started killing all & sundtmry connected with the erstwhile communist govt.
    Bmkj? Is this the kind of India we want.
  11. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh If you can see the green dot, I'm online ;-)

    Yes I do have hopes on me but government killing my hopes unfortunately. So forget country I dont even know where m heading... Just going with the flow.
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  12. Chaos

    Chaos Well-Known Member

    For the last 12-13 years of my career, I had multiple opportunities to go abroad permanently. I chose against them every single time because I wanted to stay here.

    However if an opportunity arrives now, I'll not hesitate once to move. Also for the first time round, I'm actively looking to move. As simple as that.
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  13. nimod

    nimod Well-Known Member

    me too :)
  14. blr_p

    blr_p Well-Known Member

    What are the reasons ?

    Threads like this aren't new i've seen variants of it for the last ten years in the board. Whichever govt that happens to be in office is invariably to blame. Pattern ?
  15. Chaos

    Chaos Well-Known Member

    I do not blame one government or political party for this, it is just a mix of circumstances.

    -> Forcing of Aadhar for everything - this is an Orwellian nightmare. I absolutely detest this and do not subscribe to this. Its a one button solution to curbing political dissent. Things will go south sooner than later.

    -> Complete apathy from the current government for the salaried class - the income tax percentage I'm paying is steadily going up every year for absolutely nothing in return (went up massively this year due to newly imposed surcharges). I was shocked to see my tax bill this year. If I'm taxed like crazy, might as well get taxed in a country where I get something in return in future for the same.

    -> Looking at the number of scams being unearthed in banks these days, I have my doubts on the long term stability of the rupee and any savings made in this currency in the future.

    -> Total apathy from the state government in improving the quality of life in Bangalore. Roads are in tatters and traffic is bursting at its seams. The green cover in the city is being destroyed at an alarming rate by the politician-builder nexus. I've been in this city for 13+ years now and things have just got to a stage where it is pretty much inhospitable and I'd rather move to a place which isn't so crazily populated and is close to nature.

    -> Due to the above, I'm sick and tired of living in Bangalore. Unfortunately the truth is that there isn't much opportunity in my area in any other city. Most high end research related work is in Bangalore. Companies in other cities do not offer compelling opportunities in my niche field. Let me be clear here that I love the work I do and I'm not running away from the company I work in as it treats its employees exceptionally well.

    -> All the above basically leaves me with one option - move to a location which offers me a better quality of life in some other country
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  16. blr_p

    blr_p Well-Known Member

    which can happen to any of us. I've lived abroad and it can be hard over there too, harder than over here because you burn through funds much faster over there.

    What does the country have to do with it. What surprised me was India is one of the few bright spots left if you see how other countries are going. look at the region and tell me you'd rather live here than in one of those smaller countries around us.
  17. Fenix

    Fenix Radhey Krishan

    60 percent of my friends either moved to Canada-US-UK-NZ-Australia-Denmark and Germany. They are all happy, Most of them moved to Australia and Canada. They are happy with the lifestyle and less corruption. I dont know what will happen to my or rather Our Great Nation. We need young leaders and there should be a rule where politics should not be a Dynasty. Its happening in every state - every party. Father passes on the baton to son.
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  18. booo


    Absolutely agree with this.

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