Which Batteries Can I Replace My Cordless AAA Batteries With?

Sunil Unnikrishnan

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Sep 2, 2015
I have a different experience. I bought a 2 handset Panasonic cordless working in 2.4 Ghz range. The supplied batteries were 630 mah. When the supplied batteries got damaged i went searching for the same @ my nearest city Kochi/Cochin. As it was unavailable as suggested by a shopkeeper I went for 900 mah batteries of Sony make. After using it for some time I found that the display of my handset goes blank. Took the set to Panasonic service centre in Kochi. They told me to use the original Panasonic batteries 630mah itself. They warned that the problem will persist if the 630 mah batteries are not used.
I tries in online sites. But these batteries are not available ant where. What is the point in marketing the phone if they can't provide replacement batteries in the market. I would strongly suggest not to buy the cordless as this problem is going to persist without sufficient replacement batteries in the market.


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Aug 29, 2009
Hi I have bought a new Panasonic Cordless phone and I was looking at the specifications of the AAA Ni-MH batteries and they are a min 630 mAh type. Now my question to all of you is that probably in the near future when my current supplied panasonic rechargeable batteries go kaput, will it be possible for me to buy batteries which have a higher capacity (say 2300 or 2500 mAh) and then use the same cordless charger for charging them? Will the charger be able to charge such batteries with higher capacity or do I need to buy similar batteries with almost the same charge capacity?

you get this battery easily in mumbai. My panasonic cordless has the same battery and i got it at the very first store i tried it in. Exact same battery