Which p2p client is the best?



Till now i have been using emule. But i know there are plenty of other clients too and some new ones coming up.
I basically wanna know which all can i try and are simple yet fast.
Also i hear a lot about newsgroups and all. Can you tell me whats that? :ashamed:


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Jan 11, 2005
well, i tried ares for a while, but did not get good download speeds with it, neither got many results
and since u say the best p2p available, each one has their own views about it, but everone wud agree with me that kazaa sux bigtime...

and as far as i am concerned, for me, its edonkey2000, am just in love with it, used kazaa media desktop, kazaa lite, emule, ares and winmx too so am not telling the one am using is the best, its out experience ;)

with kazaa, i used t get a lot of viruses, emule is quite good, but i dont like that porn server lst being displayed everytime i open it :p


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Dec 6, 2004
All over the place!
lets see :p
this just happens to be my fav topic btw

Well here is my take on the things
(i will update this post soon with links and screen shots of all the appz and the networks that are there. But the task of making the thread of that magnitude is a massive task so plz give me some time. till that time manage with the lite text version ;) )

Edonkey network
Biggest network among conventioanl p2p's (excluding bt and irc) Awesome for finding movies and old hard to find things eg music, games appz etc.
The biggest con is the slow speed. And a huge patience.
Official edonkey client
emule mods
Fastrack network
kazaa, Klite++, imesh
An old network. Second to edonkey. Also was the most popular. Losing popularity fast cos of huge amount of fakes.(supposedly by riaa and mpaa)
Gnutella network
Shareaza, limewire
Again this is a grt network. Smaller but faster. especially gnu2 network is the fastest to this day.

Warez network
An up and coming network. But not huge right now.

Ok that was about networks which this thread is not about btw :p

At the moment i will say this

# Try bittorrent for everything you want. Esp if you are on fast connection and even if you on dialup. BT is fast and is the fastest and stablest network. The grt thing is that you don't have the problems with queues so downloads start instantly. Is very safe as far as fakes go. Its popularity can be guaged by the fact that recently there have been major strikes by MPAA against major sites running and hosting torrents. BUT ITS NOT DEAD. So this is my pick.

# IRC..... No this is not for geekz. People just get daunted by Mirc. If you are one of them who is afraid with the complexity of the network just use irc chat extension of firefox. Its much easier. See my firefox mega thread. Anyway this is the best place to get anything. Music, movies, appz , games, or bookz... there is no better place then irc. Very fast but you have queue probs too. Definately must try

# DCC++
If you on broadband, go for this. HUGE HUGE hubs. Very fast and very cool. The flipper, you need huge shares to join hubs(usually 10GB is min) But its fast and has almost everything

# Shareaza
For just about everything and for dialuppers.

Just superb for music. Must if you want to use p2p for music download

In the end, the best is try all networks. Use the one that suits you. But try all.

A detailed tutorial and more individual reviews of network soon.


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Jan 6, 2005
I will only mention these because they haven't been thus far.

Filetopia not a real big user base but there hasn't been movie that I wanted and I couldn't find here. Good speeds + encryption
If you want to download MP3s compleatly legit and free there's StationRipper
This program may not have a search feature in it, but if set it up for its maxium recording capacity in one nights time you have one large collection.

Another one worth takeing a look at is SoulSeek

There is a Japanese program Called WinNY
I personaly haven't used this one because I heard stories about how the police were able to tap into the makers computer and busted him for haveing copywrite materials on it.