Video Why the major price difference? TV worth 2.5 Lakhs for 1.85?

Discussion in 'Consumer Electronics' started by viratshah, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. viratshah

    viratshah BossMan

    I was planning on purchasing a 55 inch ES8000 and was wondering how was such a major price difference possible between sellers on eBay and Vijay sales.
    Vijaysales website lists the TV at 2.55 Lakhs and after bargaining with them it would come upto a minimum of 2.30 Lakhs.

    Are the sellers on Ebay who sell brand new TV's for 1.85 Lakhs trustworthy?
    How can they afford to sell it at such a low price. Do these dealerships really have so much margin?
  2. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    Did you ask the ebay seller about warranty ? Is it company warranty or dealer warranty ?
    I am 100% sure that vijay sales is selling the TV with company warranty of 1 year while the ebay seller mostly has an imported piece (read: grey market) and hence the difference, no warranty remember that.
    You can ask the seller if he will provide a company bill and whether warranty is there or not.

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    Ok i searched ebay and found the listing. It says "DEALER WARRANTY" which basically means no company warranty.

    Personal thought is that i would not pay the additional money for warranty as there is a very less chance of TV going bad in first one year but then you never know and it is always a risk. I have taken this risk before and would not mind taking it again if and when i buy a new TV.
  3. agantuk

    agantuk Well-Known Member

    If you are in the same city as the seller, it might be worth taking the risk of buying a grey market product after ensuring you have checked where his store is.
  4. raksrules

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    And he might even get it lower than the 1.85 Lakh price as here ebay will charge him commission even if it a COD order. As it is i see it has been mentioned in the listing that it is local delivery only so probably anyone outside Delhi / NCR cannot buy this TV at all from this seller.

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