Would you buy your small child a tablet?


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Mar 9, 2018
Personally I don't like at all this tendency with getting gadgets for small children, I think that it's really a harmful tendency. What do you think?


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I will keep off my child from gadgets and make him understand that this is your age to play and enjoy physical and outdoor games.
What your peers are doing are wrong so dont compare them with yourself. I will invest him on sports and similar activities.
Occasion mobile or computer games of course will dedicate him some time but no to the extent of getting addicted like most of todays kids.

It then becomes very difficult to apart them from gadgets. M seeing parents worrying now coz of their lack of commonsense and laad pyar or illogical pampering.


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Feb 11, 2013
As parents, I have seen my friends/relatives (just saying NO)
But as child keeps growing, they tend to themself offer this stuff. (as a measure to increase there creativity/intelligence).
Which I guess is WRONG !!!

Its usless information thrown on a childs mind, which he doesnt even knows about or cares.


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Oct 11, 2009
I want to say no, but as a kid who wanted a mobile phone when I was in school, I'll say yes. If he/she really want it, and if I can control the stuff being put in there, then I'll get them one.

For the ones that disagree, please don't give me bullcrap about being good parents. The kids is home by 2-3. The parents are home by 8-9++. Who's the one at fault here?


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Sep 19, 2005
even if you don't give your kid gadgets other people do. so in the end there will be just 1-2 kids playing in the society and rest going to tutions or playing on their playstations or xboxes or psp etc. all the rich people destroy their kids lives like this. the poor don't have enough money so their kids play games outside and become healthy and have more stamina. no amount of horlicks or complan or any drug is going to raise stamina in kids naturally.


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Nov 13, 2015
even if you don't give your kid gadgets other people do. so in the end there will be just 1-2 kids playing in the society and rest going to tutions or playing on their playstations or xboxes or psp etc. all the rich people destroy their kids lives like this. the poor don't have enough money so their kids play games outside and become healthy and have more stamina. no amount of horlicks or complan or any drug is going to raise stamina in kids naturally.
Please don't stereotype issues like these. Yes it's true that some rich kids are made to feel special, they always get what they want , when they want from their parents personally seen it myself when one of my classmates got a car for himself when he was 17 which most middle class people in their late 30's or later were trying to buy. I have also seen kids whose parents had huge income live mostly normal without pampering him with all the luxuries.
A part of the problem is group dynamics, a kid mostly will identify himself with a group and try to stick to what the group does especially if he doesn't have someone else to relate to. He has to go with what the group does or they kick him out. This is where it starts downwards-spiral in earlier days there wasn't social media. You won't generally look back to it but in today's world every kid by the time he reaches 13 has some form of access to social media and when he sees that he has to do what they do to relate to someone and if they have no other siblings to talk to and parents already coming home late with work pressure/tension and no one else to talk to they will be depressed. Have seen both ends of the candle a kid whose parents are millionaires and his classmates treat him as a spoilt brat and the rest of his so called "friends" just stay with him and ask him to spend money to buy things from the canteen. I have also seen a kid being ostracized for refusing to follow with what the rest of the classmates thought was an ok thing to do.

I just want to conclude like with what @letmein said if your wife or mom/dad stays home and can look after them it's a great thing for a young kid. If he feels like he doesn't have someone to talk to or relate to then things will only get progressively worse, Parents have a duty to make sure to know their kids friends and parents, what activities he engages in school and afterschool with his friends, how he communicates and how others treat him. Peer pressure is one of the main causes of making a kid feel pressured to do something foolish, Talking with the kid and keeping a close tab but still giving him his own personal space as he grows in today's age is a monumental task.
Buying a kid a playstation or xbox imo is fine as long you make sure you give him something suitable for his age to play and makes sure he understands both physical sports and video games have their own time. But what i don't like is seeing parents giving their kids a vehicle to drive before he gets a license have seen kids in 6th and 7th grade driving bikes, It's a stupid thing to do which puts their kid and someone else on the road at risk.


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Dec 28, 2006
my kid has a ps4 and tablet and gets limited access to both ... no harm ... handing it over for them to use without supervision ,thats trouble


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Dec 18, 2009
Ghatkopar, Mumbai
I dont think that is going to do anything except make your kid rebel against you when he grows up. Instead, make him understand the value of time and not get stuck with online stuff. Do not let him overdo it nor let him be away. Also, make them aware of the dangers faced online.


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May 25, 2007
I haven't bought one exclusively for my 7 year old son, but yes, I do lend him my mobile or laptop or tablet, when he requests so. He gets to have a screen time of 45 minutes each day, whether it is TV or gadgets. My wife and I ensure that he follows it strictly. And I try to do my part by showing him videos about astronomy and large ships and airports, so that he doesn't latch on to Chota Bheem alone.

P.S: You cannot avoid giving your child a gadget, if you yourself are hooked on to one all the time. I hope parents-to-be realize this.


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May 1, 2018
Yes, I would. I think the children has to face the digital world ahead and they must be aware of the digital behavoir of devices they are going to deal with in the near future. But I will advise him/her to use it properly so that it may not effect him/her negatively. Am I doing right folks?


Sep 16, 2017
No. You should not get your small child a tablet. An electronic device has many disadvantages for a child. His eyesight gets weak. A child needs the care and protection of his parents. So, don't be so selfish and give your child the care he needs.


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Jul 24, 2006
I feel kids should be sent to an Amish camp till they are 15.


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Jun 15, 2006
My 7-year-old daughter has been using an iPad since she was 2.
Always controlled access, curated content.
She's never watched TV. Even now, she doesn't feel attached to TV shows. She may end up watching TV for a few minutes in the day when she's around others who are watching.
That's one benefit as I can control what she watches.

Over the years, she's gotten amazing with her English and her etiquettes owing to the fabulous content available through apps and videos.
We have controlled her addiction by taking the iPad away and even giving a complete time-out with gadgets / electronics for a day / week and a whole month at times!
The detox has worked every time.

Also, the plus side of having her own device is, that, she's not allowed to ask for / or touch anyone else's device.
So she never asks for her parents or her grandparent's devices, which I have seen is a major issue with a lot of families.

She loves animals, she loves barbies and she loves visiting the Hamleys store. She loves petting and playing with the stray dogs of our society / colony who follow her everywhere!

I used to love gaming when I was in school / college. It was an addiction. Today, due to various reasons, I don't game and I don't miss it.
Addictions can happen and may never happen. They can be fixed and sometimes fade away with time.


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Oct 12, 2012
there are schools/preschools where giving your child iPad is prerequisite for admission application.

Teacher share notes on whatsapp/email of parents and parents has to transfer those notes to kids ipad.


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Jan 23, 2006
Nope. Never.

The possibilities/chances of children accessing content beyond sanctioned stuff is way too high. Secondly, children developing addiction is a reality. They get cranky if denied the access, and keep immersing themselves in content as they desire and wish.

They do not have the understanding to take over the control of what they are watching/learning.
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