Xiaomi has been working on improvements for in-display fingerprint scanning


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Sep 19, 2005
Source: techexplore.com

Better news does seem to be in the wings; The Verge's Sam Byford, who covers Asia happenings, reported on in-display fingerprint sensors being worked on by Xiaomi.

The news revolves around a new type of in-display fingerprint scanner technology which has been confirmed by Xiaomi President and co-founder, Lin Bin. GSMArena similarly described a "next gen under display fingerprint scanner."

The new sensor will solve one big issue, and that is being unable to unlock the phone without having to look at the screen. User to fingerprint sensor: Hey, you're reading one tiny tiny area of my screen. Just.

"This means you have to be very specific about where you tap your finger, and makes it almost impossible to unlock your phone without looking at the display," wrote Hadlee Simons in Android Authority.

Byford reported on a video demonstrating a prototype phone with a new fingerprint sensor that has an active area of 25 x 50mm. Translation: users could unlock it more easily by tapping, Byford said, "within a much larger region than the thumbprint-sized scanners found on several phones released last year."
There's a video in the source.


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Feb 11, 2013
Dont face any problem so far on MI note 4 with fingerprint scanning..
Before 10.x global rolled out i also tested the face scan unlock feature on 8.x official ROM. ported from note 5 pro, exists on XDA.