Xiaomi Mi A1 launched in India


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Oct 30, 2015
Did anyone manage to bag it? got in in the cart, gave delivery date changed error 2 times and it was out of stock.


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Dec 16, 2011
I am having signal issues. Flipkart chap is irritating me with asking details before return, never had issues with Jio network.
Any update on this?
Did u manage to get a replacement?
I am beginning to think this is a major short coming with Xiaomi phones.
Facing similar issues with a Redmi note 4 on Airtel in 2nd sim slot. Phone shows 2 to 3 bars of signal but the number comes as switched off. Happening only with Airtel.


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Sep 19, 2005
Signal issues are there on every phone now. I think the cell companies have lowered the output power of cell towers because of that fake radiation cancer news, people filing court cases, etc. Probably govt or court has made them reduce the signal power.

Even having a 3G phone I have 2 bars on my Idea network when in 3G mode. If I make it 2G only I get full 4 bars. Vodafone is on 2G only most of the time but it disconnects in middle of call sometimes for no reason. A family friend having Airtel is facing similar 0-1-2 signal bars on his Moto G4 phone. He was asking me if switching to Relaince would benefit him.


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Sep 7, 2005
XDA review:

However, we had to place this under Miscellaneous Observation because the issue that we faced could not be corroborated with the majority of Mi A1 users. Further, we could not exactly pinpoint the issue on the device without the help of engineering tools as there were far too many variables at every stage for us to narrow it down.

The “bug” that we faced related specifically to the 4G connection in the SIM 1 slot while using a prepaid sim from Airtel India. When on Airtel’s 4G, the phone would frequently close the active network session for a second, causing you to lose progress on your internet based activity. The network icon on the status bar would go blank for a split second and return again without the data indicator, which would take 3-4 seconds more to return.

This issue only occurred on Airtel 4G and on Jio 4G ...

As an Android purist, the Xiaomi Mi A1 hits a clean home run for me. Outside of the 4G network issue, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Mi A1. The Mi A1 is a phone that I can freely recommend to all those who do not like MIUI but still want a Xiaomi device — and there are plenty of us around who do want that. For $230, you would be hard pressed to find a more convincing package in the countries where the Mi A1 is officially sold. Yes, the device does miss out on crucial LTE bands that render it unusable in several western countries; but that argument is hollow as the phone is not sold officially in those nations.