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    WTB Macbook Air M1 16gb 256gb

    Being a recruit I can't pm @skumar9988
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    WTB Macbook Air M1 16gb 256gb

    Please pm me if you're looking to sell your macbook air
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    FS: Others Vacuum Cleaner Giveaway

    Interested, would be handy tool for my dusty room. In Delhi can arrange for pickup.
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    Graphic Cards Long term Review requested for NVIDIA 3000 Series Founder Editions

    I contacted regarding this and got back mail from Nvidia stating that any change to gpu including thermal pad voids the warranty as it would no longer be their design (lol). So to be safe run them with stock pads and in case you absolutely want to replace the pads then you could reach out to...
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    WTB SSD with a capacity of 2TB or more

    As per the title looking for a SSD. Some key things for the SSD I'm looking for are: -Dram SSD is preferred -Could do with SATA SSD if at a good price (even offer for 2x 1TB drives are welcome) PM me the price and drive you want to sell. Thank you
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    FS: Storage Hardware NVMe SSDs - 1TB, 2TB

    Interested for micron ssd, pm me
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    WTB RTX 3090/ 3080ti/ A5000

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    WTB RTX 3090/ 3080ti/ A5000

    Looking to buy any one of the mentioned GPUs at fair price.
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    FS: Video Card Rtx 3080ti FE for trade with rtx 3090 fe

    For 3080ti yes, but for 3090 its much more slow. The last time I asked for date (around December) they said its in 3rd March (so around 1.5-2 months to clear 3 days). Given my enquiry is on April and October 1 for 3090 and 3080ti respectively, I think that Feb end would be about time to get...