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    Less than 10K A phone that doesnt back up screenshots to Google Photos

    No. Cant do option 1, because then the screenshots wont even show in the gaallery, which I want to. Tried option 3. Doesnt work for me. At all. Because I want the actual camera photos to be backed up? Just not...
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    Less than 10K A phone that doesnt back up screenshots to Google Photos

    Mom's used only Samsung upto this point, and Samsung, by default puts screenshots in the DCIM folder, and google photos backs them up. My POCO, running MIUI does the same. And now with the Google Photos stopping unlimited photos backup, I'm concerned she'll fill up her cloud storage in no time...
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    FS: Mobile Apple iphone 8 Plus 64gb Grey

    Not that you will remotely get anywhere close to what you're asking, but nevertheless, what's the battery health percentage? Also purchase date feb 2020? o_O
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    Budget 0-20k Downgrade advice

    Look dude. Here's what nobody will tell you about the 2200G. AMD always has made decent standalone CPUs, and decent GPUs. The 2200G was their first attempt at making an APU. And not only did they want to make an APU that was good, they wanted to make it better than Intel. And in order to do...
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    Budget 0-20k Downgrade advice

    Using Ryzen 2200G, since sept 2019. Absolute garbage.
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    Difference between these keyboards?

    Rs 1800 Rs, 3500...
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    PC Peripherals USB wifi card or change mobo?

    I have a A320Mm gaming mobo. It doesnt have wifi. Should I change the mobo, or just add a USB wifi card. Someone said USB wifi cards are not as reliable as inbuilt wifi on mobo, and are prone to signal drops, and will always have worse ping than inbuilt wifi? True or false?
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    When all the pain inside you is wiped out clean!!

    Is this 's alt?
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    Budget 15-20K Phone < 20k?

    Realme X7 Leaked MRP on the box is 19,999. Which means it will available at 17,999 on FlipKart as a launch offer.
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    Noise Defy ANC

    Any reviews on the Defy? Or on noise in general?
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    Less than 10K Honor 8x replacement?

    Just curious, when will Poco M3 launch? And at what price? Really like the back of the yellow variant.
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    Apple introduces over-ear AirPods Max for Rs 59,900

    They're the ultimate flex, though. Wear your 80K sennheisers and people will think you're wearing some rip-off Boat headphones. Wear these, and you'll be surrounded by gold-diggers.
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    If you're feeling different from your usual self pleae speak out

    So we were going all good till March, when this stupid lockdown was announced. I was due to join a job as an Assistant Prof., and she was already talking to her parents about it. Then this lockdown happened, and the joining got extended for a month, then another month, then another two weeks...