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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    How much for a Samsung Galaxy Tab P100 16GB White? Purchased in U.S. about year and a hald ago. Condition is mint. No scratches on screen or body. Not even slight wear and tear. In fact still has the original plastic still on. (Bought it for my parents and they rarely use it).
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    Can I buy Micro Sim Online?

    Thanks! Didn't know that. I may actually need a micro sim and also a nano sim now. This should be helpful. I should probably ask them to apply for a sim right away so they have it by the time I reach India.
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    What to bring from US (yet another thread!)

    1. There's a Black Friday deal for Toshiba 1TB Portable for $59 at Walmart. Should come to around $65 with taxes. 2. Sandisk SDXD Class 10 64GB SD Card for $51 at Beach Camera - - - Updated - - - Not on Google play but B&M stores may have their in-store discounts that you could apply towads...
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    Can I buy Micro Sim Online?

    I don't think there's one out there. The one's that is available doesn't actually work that well and many times cut the sim contacts damaging the sim. So based on your responses it looks like I will have to ask someone to get it for me (or at least have them request it from somewhere). Coz my...
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    Can I buy Micro Sim Online?

    I am coming to India next month and I was wondering if I could buy Micro Sim (Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Aircel really don't care) anywhere online? I am pretty sure I won't be able to get them where I live. I looked around at ebay and network carrier's site but couldn't find one there. Is there any...
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    Obtaining Birth Certificate, what is format of application form?

    Your best bet - Bribe your college babu and get your 10th certificate for a few days. Show it at Passport office and then re-submit it back. This is the fastest way. Else, create an affidavit in lieu of birth certificate. That is also accepted but then again you might have to bribe people at...
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    Is this axis bank email for real?

    AND how did people miss the Camel Case!! Reminds me of someone from this forum
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    Google's new social move: Google+

    Circles - Nothing new at all. Facebook already has "lists" in case anybody is not aware of. Works EXACTLY the same way as Google+ except that it isn't advertised/marketed that well. Hangout - Great! Really liked the video chat experience and I am pretty sure it will get better in future...
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    Anyone interested in Moto Atrix 4G?

    ^^ Yea for sure. Just ask him to look it up on ebay. Motorola Atrix should cost you around $560-$580 unlocked but iPhone 4 comes quite costly at around $650 unlocked. Both in brand new condition.
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    Anyone interested in Moto Atrix 4G?

    Sorry I didn't mention this earlier. I didn't mean to say ONLY Atrix 4G. I just thought it was a great phone so people might be interested. The only thing is, I can buy only those phones that are locked to AT&T coz I use AT&T here. So if you are interested, just take a look at phones AT&T has on...
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    Anyone interested in Moto Atrix 4G?

    Oh great. I didn't expect people would show this much interest. Ok let me explain you how it works here so that it's not confusing. 1. A Phone say, iPhone 4, costs about $200 here on contract (you all must be knowing this). 2. We pay $15/month at least at data charges for 2 years. 3. Now, if...
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    Anyone interested in Moto Atrix 4G?

    Mods, please delete this if it's not the right section. I really don't know where to put this thread. So I will be coming back to India in May (May 20th to be precise) and would like to know if anyone was interested in getting a phone from U.S. for cheap? (something like Moto Atrix or whichever...
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    What is your First internet Memory ?

    I remember quite a few things: 1. Dialing up from my aunt's phone (if I recall correctly it was 172222 or something) and then waiting for that telnet screen (usually would take hours!). 2. Signing up for my first email account on rediff. It didn't have 'amol' :P and suggested I take amol48...
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    Court slams ICICI Bank, fines it Rs 2 lakh

    Lol just 2 lakhs!!!? I mean yea ok, the vehicle might not be much costly but come on! It should have fined ICICI much much more than that so that those bastards don't do it with other people in future. Why does our courts always fine in pennies! Fines should also go the inflation way IMO :D
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    ebay sellers trust.dealzz and sky.way have experience of dealing with him once. The phone I bought from him had more scratches than he said. Called him up and he agreed to send a 4Gb card as compensation. Dealer was pretty good to talk and deal with.