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    Cheapest Second Phone Number Option ?

    I use a JIO SIM as my second number for the same usage as mentioned by you. I recharge it once in every six months that too with the lowest plan of Rs. 129/- which is listed under "Others -> Affordable Packs" & everything works smoothly. Just ignore the messages from Jio asking us to recharge &...
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    Apple introduces over-ear AirPods Max for Rs 59,900

    That last line "Money can't buy what's between the ears" is absolutely true buddy. I would like to elaborate it by quoting an example of a guy in our society, who purchased the Apple Mac Pro wheels for approx Rs. 62000/- & the same guy replaced the old tyres of his SUV with new ones for Rs. 32000/-
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    WTB Original & Unused AKG Earphones

    Hey, I lost the AKG earphones that came box packed with my Samsung Galaxy Note 9. So, I am looking forward to purchase original & unused AKG earphones. PM me if u have one!
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    Apple M1 5nm chip launched for macbook air and pro 13 inch

    Hey, congratulations for picking up the VFM beast! Could u plz tell us all more about it's battery life doing normal tasks like net surfing, office work as well as during heavy usage? Thanks in advance.
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    WTB Wifi router with atleast 2 antenna

    I have a DLINK DSL-2750U Wireless N 300 ADSL2+ WiFi Router. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Sharing MS Office 365 with 1TB cloud storage - ₹500/year

    Paid the amount & have also shared my Microsoft email address via PM. Thanks for the initiative buddy!
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    Sharing MS Office 365 with 1TB cloud storage - ₹500/year

    Yup. Please count me in for one slot!
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    WTB samsung s8/s8+ or note 9

    Hi! I am in search of unused AKG headphones that come with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Do you have one up for sale?
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    WTB Raspberry Pi

    I have a RPi 3B+ lying unused in my drawer.
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    Hot! USA to India New service Cheap

    Girish bhai, do check as well as This is what I was searching for before the Black Friday sale begins! Thanks a ton buddy. :D
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    iOS iPad Pro screen damaged - Screen replacement cost? Resale value?

    Thanks guys for the help! The screen has been replaced for 20K from the official Apple Service Center only.