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    Selling Stolen Products in Market section

    I found this on thinkdigit forum. Why is JAK's name coming up when I search for izzner on thinkdigit? Izzner hasn't replied to any of the posts which JAK created in the forum so why is JAK's name coming up when i search for his name.
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    Playstation 5 & Xbox Series X

    The PS5 Trademark dispute has been resolved. Finally !!
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    FS: Mobile Apple original 18w/30w pd Adaptor

    Package received. Works fine with my iphone and Airpods pro. Slight usage marks on the sides, otherwise fine. Thanks for the deal @Techsallu . I have left a feedback, request you to do the same .
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    FS: Mobile Apple original 18w/30w pd Adaptor

    Paid for one 18W charger. Awaiting Tracking details.
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    PC Peripherals gaming mouse rma/upgrade

    I gave my Logitech g102 twice for the double click issue. Logitech mouses usually comes with 2 year warranty. Just visit the local Logitech collection center and give them your mouse. They will send a replacement within a week from their warehouse.
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    Budget 10-15K best music mobile under 15k

    I know you mentioned that 15K is the budget, but LG G8X is going up on sale on Big Billion day for 20K and after the SBI card discount it should be available for 18K.
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    Playstation 5 & Xbox Series X

    Just came across this article, PS5 trade mark in India is owned by a guy in Delhi. This could potentially setback the launch date for India.
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    PC Peripherals Mouse Recommendation

    I think so, its showing shipping to india
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    PC Peripherals Mouse Recommendation

    its there in aliexpress , search for Omron switches. Go for the Omron Japan switches or the higher end Chinese ones. I couldnt find anyone selling it in India though. If anyone knows a place which sells those switches in India , please do let me know.
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    PC Peripherals Mouse Recommendation

    I have had similar experience with Logitech like everyone else here. I bought a G102 in August 2018 , double click issue occurred around Jan 2019 and I had to get it replaced. Double click issue occurred again for the replaced piece on March 2020 and I had gotten it replaced again. Yeah, G102...
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    FS: Video Card RTX 2080 Super

    Received the card in perfect condition. @Infected Thanks for Deal mate.
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    Nvidia RTX 3XXX Series announced

    I just came across this article . RTX 3080 already sold to crypto miners in China .
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    Any feedback on PrimeABGB

    I bought a PSU from primeabgb last Friday (4th sept). They shipped the order on the same day and I received it on Tuesday (8th sept). I'd say im pretty satisfied with Primeabgb.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Shiv Infotech is for WD Blue @2600 1599102434 Wait you're right .. But I swear I saw the seller name as Aditya-Infotech. It changed all of a sudden. Something...
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    WD Purple WD10PURZ 1TB @2500 Seller is Aditya-infotech