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    Firebase pros/cons and alternatives?

    Its difficult to estimate costs without knowing the schema, number of users, data volume etc. Depends on the use case entirely. Firebase is Volume of Data x Number of devices x Number of updates to DB. You have to manage it so that a little db is available to all users and then user specific...
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    Firebase pros/cons and alternatives?

    It is a little more than that. But it does handle the realtime-db scenarios that firebase provides. For other backend related stuff you can use aws amplify. Longer term these work better. Security wise too. You can find a ton of open firebase databases. Not the fault of firebase but with aws you...
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    Firebase pros/cons and alternatives?

    Realtime database gets very expensive very quickly once you have significant number of users. AWS Appsync works better in longer run.
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    FS: Cabinets Brand New/Unused - NZXT H510 - Black - Pickup available in Pune

    I'll check shipping costs. My main worry is the damage. I'll see if someone is going there who can drop it.
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    FS: Cabinets Brand New/Unused - NZXT H510 - Black - Pickup available in Pune

    Bought a CM Elite 130. Bump: case still available.
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    Android URGENT !! : how to signout of my browser, when my mobile is switched off

    Go to Sign out from whatever devices you need to sign out from.
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    FS: Cabinets Brand New/Unused - NZXT H510 - Black - Pickup available in Pune

    Saw your post. Right now we're looking for something smaller that has space for a good heatsink or AIO. Zeroed in on CM 130 Elite.
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    FS: Cabinets Brand New/Unused - NZXT H510 - Black - Pickup available in Pune

    The case is brand-new. Ordered from Amazon. Arrived this morning. I have ordered this for my niece but looks like now she wants a SFF case so she can carry it back home during semester breaks. This available for local pickup in Pune. Giving a discount of 900rs. Invoice available. Product Name...
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    Smart plug (16A) recommendations?

    Doesn't cutting off power supply harm the AC, without turning it off with the remote? As far as I understand compressor needs time to shut off properly.
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    User Review My first ever NAS device - Synology DS218j Review

    I found unraid to be better choice. There is a large community and very good VM/Docker support. It requires a license but worth the price. Depends on use though. My plex, portainer, timemachine backup and a lot more running from this NAS. Btrfs still has issues so sticking to xfs for now.
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    Anyone having Synology NAS Experience in India

    I haven't seen Synology with many sellers here so unsure of support. Whatever is available is super overpriced. Since you're using drives of same capacity, I assume running in RAID 1, QNAP, WD, Asus are all good alternatives. QNAP and WD are widely available with sellers. For 2 bay systems it...
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    WTB PS4 Games

    I have Fifa 20. Brand new, sealed. Let me know if you're interested.
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    Audio Mic for recording songs on mobile phone

    My cousin has started a youtube channel recently. She happens to be a good singer and her channel is getting some traction. I want to gift her a mic as recording on phone seems to mess up the audio. What would be a good mic for good quality audio recording which connects to her phone? I am not...