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    Need a Speaker fo PC

    Well, could say that i am NOT recommending Razer Leviathan or Razer Nommo. Have tried both of them, and they are not worth the money, nor the hype. Way overpriced for the sound quality you are getting.
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    Which Game on What Machine are you playing Now ?

    Satisfactory / league of legends / Rust. PC
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    Galaxy fold breaking?

    Was thinking of buying the new fold phone, today noticed all the news about it breaking (the screen in particular). Anyone here have this device or experienced issues with it? :0
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    Graphic Cards Buying cards used for mining.

    Does the non-stop max usage affect the longevity of the card even if it is well bellow the Temperature limits? (50-60C tops) I think the card still have a warranty ill have to check on that thx.
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    Graphic Cards Buying cards used for mining.

    So I'm going to build a new setup, one of the people I know is selling used cards, they were in a mining rig which was active for like a half a year (I trust that the parts were not abused or anything because I know him pretty well), but was wondering if anyone here had some experience with...
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    Graphic Cards 2070 vs 2080

    I used to have a laptop with a 1070, something went wrong with the motherboard which it sometimes did not boot so there was no point in repairing it (the cost was too big) so thinking of buying a whole new setup, not too sure on the budget right now but something around 1-2k USD. One of the...
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    Activity trackers

    What kind of activity trackers are you using on your daily routines? What are the most important stats for you? How accurate they are?
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    Graphic Cards 2070 vs 2080

    Happened, that my whole setup died, and i have to start everything from 0. I used to have 1070 and was very happy with that, but i guess its not worth getting it anymore. Mainly, thinking about getting 2070, but still asking for oppinion. So which one is more worth in for investing to?
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    Buy PS4 Pro now or wait for PS5?

    You may never know when PS5 will be out and if its gonna be worth the hype. Also high possibility, that all PS4 games ull be abile to play on PS5 and like that. So if you are in for gaming, then why wait, when you can play now
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    Just a casual guy who works in IT and is interested in hardware. Read a lot of this forum before deciding to join up ✌