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    WTB Looking for a RTX 2000 Series

    prices of gpu are damn high, we recently bough a 3 month old GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER GAMING OC for 45k and msi 2080ti trio for 62k locally
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    FS: Home Audio Video Amplifiers & DAC | Headnhifi Objective 2 | Aune b1 | Aune T1 MK2

    Sold outside forum.. Moderator please close the thread.
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    FS: Home Audio Video Amplifiers & DAC | Headnhifi Objective 2 | Aune b1 | Aune T1 MK2

    please read the sale thread properly, if you still can't find the price. Please do pm
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    Budget 15-20K Which is the best Phone under 20k?

    If you can extend your budget i would suggest samsung a51
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    Budget 15-20K Best phone under 15k...

    Go with a samsung m21, pretty decent for its price and good battery life plus its a samsung so the resale price would be better.
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    Budget 31-40k PC for photo and video editing

    AMD solution within your budget
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    DIY Tools

    you have a nice workbench, i wish to make mine for my aeromodelling hobby but don't have space right now.
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    Sab Goblin 380 Helicopter

    SAB GOBLIN 380 YELLOW/BLUE Quantum Outrunner Brushless Heli Motor Precision HV Micro Servo Set MH-DS003S x 3 MKS Mini Tail Servo HV9780 Bavarian Demon AXON (3-AXIS FLYBARLESS SYSTEM) PHOENIX EDGE 75 AMP ESC, 8S / 33.6V WITH 5 AMP BEC 6S 3300 LIPO Taranis x9d plus radio Total price of the setup...
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    Budget 31-40k Need laptop to last for many years

    Please do check lenovo thinkpad series, they are build to last and are very durable. I have it for past 11 yrs and still working.
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    Android Always On display? Which Samsung Mobile/Model

    i would recommend samsung m21, for me its USP is the battery life and decent performance for the price.
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    Android One little thing about battery.

    One of the key reason for low battery life cycles for mobile is how fast they are made to charge. The higher the C rating of the battery the more faster it can be charged but it also stresses the battery. The more the battery is stressed the less the life of battery would be. Also Charging the...
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    Budget 51-70k Decent Laptop for Interior Designer Professional

    From my past experience working on 3ds max and maya they both rely on processor rather then graphics card. For your budget you won't get a i9 or similar ryzen but more the cores the better it would be. Also considering laptops for graphics and 3d would make them run pretty high temp. I have a...
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    Alternative to pubg

    +1 for Freefire, has got many active user plus has a smaller map, which means the combat happens much faster and the match also ends sooner.
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    Courier Service Feedback

    I think delivery has stopped pickups via online portal. I am not able to find pickup page..