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    Chia Plotting Service in India

    From the URL, what do you want to me understand? It has comments Ranging from mining being wastage of resources to geneocide. What do you say?
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    Apple M1 5nm chip launched for macbook air and pro 13 inch

    Student discount 5%. i don’t see card offers listed in iplanetstore where I usually buy. Best offer is student discount plus card offers if available.
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    Chia Plotting Service in India

    Its a privilege to have a computer in home. Its about money and those who afford it has it. Its as simple as that. Hoarding/scalpers/miners all them are trying to earn money to spend it on other things they want or like; it may or may not be computer related. Why would miners consider the...
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    All OS Do you still root your phone?

    I used to root/ flash custom ROMs in my nexus 4 back in 2014-15. Post that I lost interest and it seemed the ROM development slowed down and stopped receiving next version of android updates/ comes with limited functionality like Volte doesn't work, etc. which was a big factor at that time as...
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    Windows Antimalware Service Executable or MsMpEng.exe consuming all of internet bandwidth. Help!

    You can’t kill it. See the source file starting the process and see if it is not Microsoft corporation. It could be a virus posing as a microsoft process. see if you happen to transfer any data through network...
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    Health & Fitness Share your observation regarding efficacy of Covid vaccine: did it protect or not

    let the professionals continue to do their work. As you know covaxin vaccines did not get authorisation from the US FDA. So professionals talk about macro economic impact and generalise it with thousands of people. There is nothing wrong in sharing the information we have. We are not advising...
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    iOS Battery health 99% after factory reset.

    From Apple point of view, they consider battery health less than 80% at the end of 2 years as an issue and replace battery if you have Apple care plan. there is no defined threshold 1-2 years time. it’s left to the discretion of service centre And chances are there that they will ask you pay for...
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    $6 billion -- The hidden cost of 90-day notice period to companies

    Welcome to business. They would replace you with employee getting paid less instead of paying high to you.
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    $6 billion -- The hidden cost of 90-day notice period to companies

    you must be living in a dream or doesn’t know much about the hiring approach in India. Experience is the primary driver in shortlisting candidate for interview as well as in determining which position you are going to get in the new company and it’s compensation. making relieving letter in...
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    $6 billion -- The hidden cost of 90-day notice period to companies

    You would still need service record to show that you worked for that many years that you claim to be,
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    $6 billion -- The hidden cost of 90-day notice period to companies

    That’s not true. Companies can deny issuing service letter, withhold full and final payment, etc. Lot of companies stop paying your salary or other components the moment you resign and pay it together at the end of notice period.
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    Flipkart deals

    Same here. Govt wants us to work from home. How we will work without electronics…reliance digital website is saying they deliver lot of electronics stuffs like TV, refrigerators, etc in Delhi and Maharashtra
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    Troubling trend of e-waste due to non repairable devices

    They replace entire device except display and camera which means the SOC is also getting replaced and hence the IMEI change. Total BS what apple does.. the store person suggested if the device was recently bought and within 60 days of activation, i can get Apple care plan for 18k and pay 9.5k...
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    Bluetooth iem for office calls

    The ones with ear lock is very hard and rigid in structure. After few minutes it will start stretching the locked area and causes me pain. Ears structures are different for people. So suggest trying it once and before buying.
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    Troubling trend of e-waste due to non repairable devices

    i don’t agree on this for the cell phone Or automobiles. Manufacturers like Samsung and apple are intentionally designing products with poor repairsbility. Not to reduce costs but to increase the cost of spares and charging closer to a new product or 60-70% of new product cost making it not...