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    Budget 71-90K Laptop for multimedia and occasional gaming

    Just one help /query. The FK listing says that CPU is i7 while the LG official link for same model (17Z90N-V.AH75A2) says CPU is i5. Can you please confirm, which CPU you received?
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    Suggestions for buying an Internet Router (<30k)

    Put any dual band Rs. 4000-5000 router in every room and connect all of them via CAT6 cable. You are worried about WiFi range, and as I said earlier the range of ANY router is limited due to its transmit power. WiFi AX will improve the throughput, not the range. Linksys AC3900 Looks good and...
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    Suggestions for buying an Internet Router (<30k)

    A costly router will not extend range. The transmit power of routers are limited and no matter how costly router you buy the range will be more or less same. The only solution to get more range is to put more nodes. You can try with this set of 2 and if you feel range is less for your liking...
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    Suggestions for buying an Internet Router (<30k) Rt-86U 2 pack. Currently @ Rs. 23499 AX router will not give you any be edit, currently. You can always add one more asus router if you find coverage is inadequate. This setup is sufficient for 10-15 devices.
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    The original post is from 2012. The link opens properly in browser, however Tapatalk redirect gives error. 2020 supplementary online exams is scheduled only for those who missed exams in March due to pandemic.
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    Android Thoughts on the LG G8X?

    Is it? Then why LG is not bundling charger brick with the phone?
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    Flipkart deals

    I am getting "Out of Stock" message on each and every product on Flipkart. 1530 IST. Am I alone? Edit: Fixed Now.
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    iPhone 11 for less than Rs 50,000 on Amazon sale, here’s why it is still a good deal

    The price has been revealed, 47999/- for iphone 11 64gb.
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    Extender setup for JioFiber issue

    There is some problem with your internet setting. First decide whether you want to use tP-link as access point ( connected to jio via cable) or as a second router ( dual NAT in this case) or as a WiFi repeater. Then accordingly set the options for internet page of your tP-link router. These...
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    How to use a Nvme SSD as Sata Drive

    Correct, my bad. I missed the U2 part.
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    How to use a Nvme SSD as Sata Drive

    Ok, So If what @psyph3r said is true and if I understand it clearly, you have a usb to sata casing where you can plug a normal sata sdd. Now you have a NvME SDD that you want to connect to this caddy and hence you wanted a nvme to sata converter. Well, in that case as @psyph3r suggested you...
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    Extender setup for JioFiber issue

    Can you send a screenshot of the Internet setting page on Tp-link router?
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    How to use a Nvme SSD as Sata Drive

    I am unable to understand your statement, my bad. You are currently using a HDD caddy: what is the interface/type of caddy? And normal data SSD : What type of SSD it is? SATA or M2
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    How to use a Nvme SSD as Sata Drive

    M2 and Nvme normally uses Same connector. Nvme is protocol while M2 is form factor.